Braddock latest Brewer ‘bit’

I wish I had a picture of this little bugger, but I don’t… You’ll have to settle for the story that will run on later today:

Zach Braddock reached into his locker and pulled out a plastic cap containing the offending — and expired — little creature. The scorpion was less than an inch long, but managed to inject the latest bit of pain into a Brewers Spring Training camp that has been full of it.

Braddock was stung on his left ankle by that scorpion on Saturday, but other than the discomfort that followed was spared something serious. The left-hander was slated to pitch in Monday’s split-squad game against the Padres, an inning that could prove Braddock’s final tune-up for a spot in Milwaukee’s Opening Day bullpen.

It’s been an uncomfortable spring for the 22-year-old. First his Cactus League debut was pushed back a couple of days by a blister, and more recently he was sidelined by a sinus infection. Braddock also spent a few days with a nasty bruise on his forehead after he bumped his head on his locker.

“I’m definitely happy to get everything out of the way now,” he said.

Braddock was sitting on his couch having a casual conversation when that little scorpion ruined his day.

“It felt like someone was pulling your hair out and then it progressively got worse,” he said. “It was out of nowhere. I’m glad it’s over now.”


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