Cruz opts for free agency

Infielder Luis Cruz has formally refused an outright assignment to Triple-A Nashville and elected free agency. Word from some of his teammates this morning was he would sign with the Rangers.


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What does management say about having nobody after an aging Counsell as depth for SS? Did Melvin or Roenicke even speak with him? i wonder if they waited till the absolute end of training camp to cut him to reduce his chances of signing on with another team. He probably never had a chance to play, so there isn’t much sense in rotting in Nashville.

With Cruz out, Maysonet becomes the SS depth, and Eric Farris will also play some SS.

Just as I was typing out this sttameent in my previous post, “[Counsell] could have provided excellent mentorship for the Jays’ young infielders”, a press release was being written on the other side of the continent to inform the baseball world that veteran shortstop Royce Clayton was signed by the Blue Jays today. A hat tip in my direction from J.P., I’d say!

May16Not Zack Greinke This is terrible. Miller Park Drunk is right on in his criqitues and this article was written by a twelve-year-old. How do I know the author is twelve? Because by the time you turn thirteen you learn how to use spell check.

Why does this have to be the ONLY reliable source? Oh well, gj!

That insight solves the problem. Thanks!

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