Boggs outrighted to Nashville

The Brewers just announced that outfielder Brandon Boggs had been sent outright to Triple-A Nashville, meaning he’s cleared waivers. Boggs had been previously outrighted and thus had the right to refuse this assignment, but it appears from the club’s brief announcement that he’s accepted.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Haudricourt, who covered Tuesday’s spring finale while I was flying back east, Boggs has until Wednesday to decide whether to accept his assignment. I’ll pass along word when we get it.


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, knowing what I do now, I prlbbaoy could handle it better in some ways, so long as it didn’t get too psychotic, for either the bullies or the victims, etc.Back to the point, I think for many writers, including me, the only real reason revision drives us batty, is not the revision itself, but not knowing how to revise what we know isn’t working, or nearly every reader we workshop with say what parts aren’t working, but not knowing how to do it that serves the story and to do it in the most clear and concise way possible.I can honestly say than when I know something needs fixing, and I actually know how to fix it, I don’t have any qualms about revision, in general. It’s only when nothing I try to rectify the problem after a few weeks that it really starts to eat at my self-esteem and even worse, the little patience I’ve acquired since grade school days.

Would LOVE to try it out also. Signed up for it a year ago but until now nothing close engouh to where I live. I use the elliptical in the gym and love the low impact motion, but am also an outdoor girl so I’m sure I would like it. But yes, very pricey, like your idea of renting one for a couple of hours.

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