Axford plans to ‘let it go’

John Axford put on his best Trevor Hoffman face on Thursday after taking a brutal Opening Day loss. He didn’t plan to linger long on Ramon Hernandez’s game-winning home run.

“I’ll reflect a little bit,” Axford said. “We have a day off [Friday] and a little workout, so I’ll come in and check some video but it’ll be out of my mind and I’ll be ready to go for Saturday. I think that’s the best and the easiest thing. The best thing I did last year, whenever something like this happened, was to just let it go. Tomorrow’s another day. We start fresh. It’s a long year.

“We have 161 games left, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to be all right.”

The trouble Thursday was the same one Axford faced in his early Spring Training outings, and in the early part of his professional career, for that matter. The 93-96 mph fastball was there, but the location was not.

Hernandez hit a 93 mph fastball on the outer edge of home plate but in the upper half of the strike zone. That’s not where Axford intended it.

“I got away with one in the at-bat before with [Jonny] Gomes,” said Axford, referring to the batter before Hernandez, who lifted a long sacrifice fly. “This time I paid for it.”

So did the Brewers, who were trying to win Ron Roenicke’s managerial debut.

“It’s a rough start,” Roenicke said.


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