Brewers promise more stadium replays

The Brewers’ new scoreboard made its regular-season debut on Monday and Brewers COO Rick Schlesinger intends to make the most of it.

“Our goal is to make it an enhancement without being a distraction,” Schlesinger said. “Now it’s incumbent on us to make sure we use the board to its full capabilities.”

That means good news for Brewers fans who have complained to the club in the past about too few replays.

“I have issued a written directive to our scoreboard staff that I want to push the envelope on replays,” Schlesinger said. “We don’t need to violate Major League Baseball rules, but we can be aggressive within the rules to make sure we show plentiful replays and the replays that fans want to see.”

MLB does regulate what teams can and cannot show. Teams are forbidden from showing replays in which an umpire was clearly wrong, and they cannot show replays of a questionable play while the manager is on the field arguing.

“‘Don’t show-up the umpires,’ is the general rule,” Schlesinger said.

The replays will include highlight plays made by the other team, Schlesinger said.

The home opener was sold out, as usual, but plenty of tickets remain for the rest of the seven-game homestand. That includes the three weekend games against the Cubs, and Schlesinger said the club has noticed a “marked decrease” in the number of purchases from Illinois zip codes.

“I know some fans say they don’t like coming to those games because there are so many Cubs fans,” Schlesinger said. “That shouldn’t be the case this year.”


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