Gomez, Betancourt sit as Crew seeks first W

Carlos Gomez (1-for-15 since his Opening Day home run) and Yuniesky Betancourt (2-for15 this season after two hits on Monday) will take a seat tonight as the Brewers once again seek their first win of the season. They’re already 0-4, and, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, that’s not a good thing. Only six teams in Major League history have made the playoffs after starting with at least four losses:

1969 Twins  0-4
1974 Pirates  0-6
1977 Phillies 0-4
1985 Cardinals 0-4
1995 Reds 0-6
1999 Diamondbacks 0-4

On to the lineup against Derek Lowe and the Braves:

Rickie Weeks 2B
Nyjer Morgan CF
Ryan Braun LF
Prince Fielder 1B
Casey McGehee 3B
Mark Kotsay RF
Craig Counsell  SS
George Kottaras C
Yovani Gallardo RHP


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Switch Weeks and Morgan in the lineup…

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