Farris will still play some shortstop

The Brewers are very short of shortstops in the Minor Leagues, and some fans wondered why they have not simply moved Triple-A second baseman Eric Farris into the slot, since the plan was to use him occasionally at that position this season.

Brewers assistant scouting director Tom Flanagan is on this road trip and answered that question today. He said Farris has been slowed this month by a very minor foot injury that did not keep him out of Nashville’s lineup, and the organization did not want to ask him to play a different position while he was less than 100 percent.

(Thanks to Brewers fan @sessilefielder for pointing me to Farris’ Twitter account, which says he was hurt fouling a ball of his foot.)

Soon, Farris will start playing something like two days a week at shortstop. Why not more? For one, he’s a superior defensive second baseman who has played there since college. The Brewers are also somewhat hesitant to move too many of their top prospects, though there are obviously exceptions (Mat Gamel comes to mind). There’s a growing belief in the front office that it’s more productive to give a guy a position and keep him there.

I know a certain other Brewers beat writer has made this point, but I’ll say it, too. It’s really too bad for the Brewers and Luis Cruz that Cruz refused the Brewers’ assignment to Nashville and signed with the Rangers to play at Triple-A instead. It seems to me that his path to the Majors was easier as a backup to Yuniesky Betancourt than to the Rangers’ young Elvis Andrus.


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There are reasons that Cruz didn’t want to come back. Call his agent and see what he says.

Keeping Farris at 2nd to avoid changing positions makes me think that the plan is to trade him. They just signed Weeks to a 5 year contract.

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