Deferred dollars were key to deal

Portions of Ryan Braun’s $105 million contract extension are deferred, an effort on both sides to retain some financial flexibility for the Brewers to sign free agents and extend up-and-coming players. Braun’s agent, Nez Balelo of CAA Sports, declined to discuss details of the deferrals but said they were key to the deal from both sides.

“Just know that we got creative,” Balelo said. “It was very important for Ryan, and very important to the organization that we stay competitive. Ryan wanted to be in Milwaukee the rest of his career, but he also is dedicated to winning.”

The extension has been in the works for some time, Balelo said.

Braun is now guaranteed $145.5 million from this season through the end of the extension, which makes Braun and Colorado’s Troy Tulowitzki the only Major League players signed through 2020. In fact, the only other players signed through 2018 are Joe Mauer of the Twins and Adrian Gonzalez of the Red Sox.

Braun signed his current eight-year, $45 million contract on May 15, 2008. It was, and remains, a record contract for a player with less than one year of Major League service.

“That first deal was unprecedented, a record-breaking deal, and this new one is a commitment,” Balelo said. “We basically view it as a partnership between Ryan and the organization moving forward, that both sides were willing to commit themselves probably through Ryan’s entire career.

“Obviously, the commitment on the club’s part is huge. But it’s also a commitment on Ryan’s part, to want to stay in the city of Milwaukee and play here possibly through the end of his career.”


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