Fielder ecstatic for ‘super-rich’ Braun

Here’s what Prince Fielder had to say about Ryan Braun’s big contract extension:

“Oh, man, I’m ecstatic,” Fielder said. “I’m proud of Ryan. He’s an unbelievable player, and now he’s just super-rich. I’m happy for him.”

Fielder said the consensus that players are jealous when their peers sign big-money deals is flat wrong.

“Not for me, at least,” he said. “The more money everybody else gets, that’s more money for all the players. We’re all in this together. You want every player to get his maximum.”

The Brewers and Fielder have said since the avoided arbitration with a $15.5 million deal for 2011 that they would focus on Fielder having a “monster” season, to borrow general manager Doug Melvin’s word, instead of focusing on what lies ahead. Fielder is a free agent next winter.

That strategy has been a good one, Fielder said.

“The fact we’re a good team helps, too, because there’s more to talk about than just me,” hesaid. “Today, it’s all about Braunny. He’s signed the ultra contract. It’s a good day.”

Has Fielder thought at all about his big day coming?

“No, I’ve already done that in years past,” he said, perhaps a nod to his early-season 2010 funk after talks between the Brewers and agent Scott Boras hit a wall. “Now it’s just ‘play baseball’ time. I think my family, we’ll be able to eat for a while anyway. We’ll play baseball and see what happens.”

Does he worry that Braun’s extension, on top of the earlier big-money deals given to Rickie Weeks, Corey Hart and Yovani Gallardo over the past 13 months, mean the Brewers won’t be players for Fielder’s services this winter?

“I’m not sure. You never know,” Fielder said. “If they have this much to spend, you never know. I hope not. I hope they have a little left for me.”


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Well Prince, ur not exactly poor either!!! LOL

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