Weeks, Cedeno talk about dust-up

Some choice words between Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks and Pirates shortstop Ronny Cedeno prompted both teams’ benches to clear in the third inning at Miller Park on Friday.

Weeks had just been tagged out in a rundown between second and third base by Cedeno, who said something that struck a nerve with the mild-mannered Weeks. Weeks yelled back and was restrained.

Chalk it up as another bit of drama in a Brewers-Pirates series that, over the years, has had plenty.

“I don’t know what it is,” Weeks said. “We play good, hard baseball and sometimes emotions get some people.”

Both managers — Ron Roenicke of the Brewers and Clint Hurdle of the Pirates — termed the dust-up, “no big deal.” It started with a hard tag, but Weeks said the issue was what Cedeno said afterward.

“He hit me with an elbow and I said what’s going on, and that’s it,” Cedeno said. “I’ve known Weeks for a long time because we grew up in the Minor Leagues [together]. I’m surprised he gave me attitude. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t try to fight or do anything bad in the field. When you cross those lines right there, even though we’re friends … he’s trying to play hard. They do play hard. We’ll be friends, talking before the game, you know how with players it is. I’m surprised.”

After a few moments of yelling and finger-pointing, other players filed from the dugout onto the infield. The bullpens emptied, too, but it was a wasted sprint. Tempers had cooled before the relievers even reached second base.

Cedeno came to bat in the fourth inning with a man on base and hit a home run to left field, plating two runs.

Pirates right-hander James McDonald threw a fastball high and tight on Weeks in the second baseman’s next plate appearance, in the bottom of the fourth. But that was the only hint of further tension between the teams.

There’s no love lost between the Brewers and Pirates, who have had a series of skirmishes over the past few seasons including one feud in 2009 that began when Pirates pitcher Jeff Karstens hit Ryan Braun with a pitch. Three months later, the Brewers took some retaliation in a game at PNC Park, and the benches cleared. Fans of both teams will remember that night for then-Brewers catcher Jason Kendall repeatedly — and intentionally — referring to Pirates pitching coach Joe Kerrigan as “Dave Kerwin.”

Karstens, whose wayward pitch started that drama, is scheduled to start for the Pirates on Saturday.


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Cue Prince getting plunked in game 2 of the series.

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