Morgan ready for rehab stint

You’ll  begin seeing Audrey Snyder’s byline on today as she takes over from Jordan Schelling as my right hand woman. She filed a note this morning about outfielder Nyjer Morgan, who should be back with the Brewers by the time they host the Giants next weekend.

Here are the details:

Outfielder Nyjer Morgan and left-handed reliever Zach Braddock are tentatively scheduled to take the next step in their rehabilitation processes.

Braddock (0-1, 2.79 ERA) is expected to throw a maximum of 35 pitches on Monday for Class-A Wisconsin. Weather could impact whether or not Braddock makes an appearance. The lefty hasn’t played with the big league club since being placed on the 15-Day DL on May 3 due to a sleep disorder.

Morgan has been on the 15-day DL since May 6 with a fractured left middle finger and is expected to go to extended Spring Training in Phoenix on Tuesday. Morgan appeared in just 15 games this season after a previous stint on the DL with a right thigh bruise limited him early on.

The player and manager Ron Roenicke met to discuss the move and the plan is for Morgan to play two games in Arizona where he will see a lot of action. Morgan could lead off every inning in the extended program if desired.

“In my eyes it’s healed, it’s healed enough,” Morgan said. “But it’s all about basically just looking after my future and what’s better for the team. Ron wants 100-percent ‘Nyj Morgan’ out there and I can’t blame him, even though I want to get out there now.”

Roenicke said Morgan needs six or seven at bats and though the outfielder originally wanted to stay close by, the predicted weather forecast for the Timber Rattlers, who head to Peoria, Ill. made Arizona the best option.

“He doesn’t have to just play his position, he can lead off the innings, play seven innings and get six at bats, which makes a lot more sense for me,” Roenicke said.

Audrey, by the way, is a Penn State student who will help keep me cover the Brewers this summer and will occasionally step-in to cover opponents at Miller Park. You can tell her what you think about Carlos Gomez, or simply say hello, via email.


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Ashley and Phillip She is sweet! Please let me know when you are at home in DeSoto and a good time to visit. I hope that all is well with your family. From Crystal Eash

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