Day two draft roundup

Day 3 of the MLB First-Year Player Draft is well underway but so much happened on Day 2 that was worth noting. Milwaukee had some interesting selections during rounds 2-30 so here’s a recap of some of the biggest story lines from Day 2.

Milwaukee went pitcher heavy during Day 2 and selected right-handed pitcher Jorge Lopez with the 70th overall pick. Puerto Rico’s top pitching prospect is just 18-year-old but his coach for Team Mizuno of Puerto Rico raved about his athleticism. And with good reason. Lopez is also Puerto Rico’s top volleyball prospect but no need to worry, he said baseball is his No. 1 sport.

But what is his best asset? Edwin Rodriguez, his coach for Team Mizuno of Puerto Rico, said Lopez picks up on things so quickly. After all, Lopez moved from shortstop to pitcher just three years ago.

“About a month ago, he came in to practice and started throwing a slider and I said, ‘Who taught you how to throw a slider? You know we don’t use them on our team,'” Rodriguez recalled. “He said, ‘Oh, I picked it up at school.’ He just knows how to learn how to pitch. Yesterday we were in a game and he came up to me and was showing me how to throw a fork ball and I’m like, ‘Can you just stop?’ I don’t know how he does it, but he just knows how to pitch.”

Brewers amateur scouting director Bruce Seid seemed thrilled with the eighth-round selection of catcher Dustin Houle. The 17-year-old from British Columbia previously played third base but is well known in Canada and Houle’s power makes him an enticing pick.

“He hit a home run well up into the Harley Davidson deck,” Seid recalled of Houle’s pre-draft workout in Milwaukee. “This kid is a strong kid and he’s got a good arm. I’m happy to get him, really happy to get him and we’ll look to sign him for sure.”

Then there are always the bloodline stories to follow. The Brewers liked what they got with catcher Jonathan Lucroy in the third round of the 2007 Draft, so why not go with his little brother? David Lucroy is a right-handed pitcher who just graduated high school but Milwaukee had a genuine interest in him. The news of David’s selection was enjoyable for the Lucroy family too, who learned of the selection during David’s baseball game.

Agent Scott Boras is a name baseball players and fans alike are very familiar with. Boras represents many of the top players, including Prince Fielder. However, Boras has one son, Shane who’s an infielder at USC but it was the younger brother, Trent, who was selected by the Brewers in the 30th round.

I’m sure there will be more highlights to come from Day 3, including the Brewers’ selection of UWM pitcher Chad Pierce.

-Audrey Snyder


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Ever heard of Jed Hanson? Why was he not picked up????

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