Braddock sent down

The Brewers made an unexpected roster move after their 9-5 win over the Cubs on Wednesday, optioning left-handed reliever Zach Braddock to Triple-A Nashville and recalling Daniel Ray Herrera in his place.

Braddock spent time on the disabled list this season while getting treatment for a sleep disorder, and that issue apparently was still affecting him. Manager Ron Roenicke said the 23-year-old had been reporting late to the ballpark, though two coaches said he never missed a meeting.

“He had his issues with the sleep thing and he’s been trying to get all that taken care of, but he’s got to get the whole thing taken care of,” bullpen coach Stan Kyles said. “He’s been working hard on all of that. I think this will be good for him, to get away for a while so he can get taken care of what he needs so he can come back and help us.

“He was disappointed, but I think this is going to help him in the long run and that’s going to help us. He’s a big part of this thing.”


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BS, a drunk is a drunk; I can smell my own. But I don’t have to be to the ballpark or play a professional sport so I can get away with it. Sleep Disorder, my ass.

So because you’re a drunk, Braddock must also be a drunk? Does he also have to be an idiot just because you’re an idiot?

So because you’re a drunk, everyone else is too King of Dorks??

Orangeflh you said it perfectly!!

Well put orangeflh!!

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