Marcum to make scheduled start

MILWAUKEE — Shaun Marcum’s strained left hip flexor will not keep him from making his scheduled start on Wednesday.

The Brewers’ right-handed pitcher went through an evaluation with Dr. Raasch before Tuesday’s game and manager Ron Roenicke said post game that Marcum will be watched carefully during his start. The Brewers will not let him go too deep into the game, Roenicke said.

“I don’t know if we’re going to go so much on pitch count, we’re going to kind of go on inning to inning,” Roenicke said. “After we get to the third we’re going to go inning to inning.”

Marcum (7-2, 2.85 ERA) worked on fielding ground balls off the mound before batting practice Tuesday and Roenicke said he is more concerned with the injury bothering Marcum when he’s in the field. The pitcher said since Monday that he wanted to maintain his spot in the rotation and said he felt pretty good after Monday’s bullpen session and Tuesday’s workout.

Roenicke said he is not nervous about putting Marcum on the field for Wednesday’s 1:10 p.m. game against the Rays.

“They didn’t pay me to sit here and watch games and any time it’s my day to pitch I want to pitch,” Marcum said. “I’ve done it in the past and I want to continue to try and take the ball on my day and go out there and compete.”

-Audrey Snyder

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