Fun and games at Miller Park

John Axford shows his table tennis skills (Scott Paulus/Brewers)

The Brewers had a little extra-curricular fun before beginning their work day on Saturday when a group of female athletes from China — each a champion in her sport — visited Miller Park as part of a partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Among them was Zhang Yining, one of the greatest female table tennis players in the sport’s history, a winner of four Olympic gold medals and 10 World Championships. She challenged some of the Brewers’ best ping-pongers including outfielder Corey Hart, who once kicked a certain beat writers’ butt at a table off the visitors’ dugout in Cleveland.

John Axford and Zack Greinke also took their lumps against Zhang before the athletes traded gifts — signed Major League baseballs for the ladies and signed paddles for the men.

FS Wisconsin had a camera in the room for the event, which was otherwise closed to media. Thanks to Brewers team photographer Scott Paulus for passing along some shots.

Zack Greinke and Zhang Yining square off. (Scott Paulus/Brewers)

Corey Hart takes his cuts (Scott Paulus/Brewers)

Scott Paulus/Brewers

Scott Paulus/Brewers

Scott Paulus/Brewers

Scott Paulus/Brewers


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Question? What does the K mean when a picture strike a player out. Why a k?

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