Braddock, Gamel called-up

A day after optioning righty Mark Difelice to Triple-a Nashville, the Brewers stayed busy Monday:

RHP Sergio Mitre has been designated for assignment.  LHP Zach Braddock and INF Mat Gamel have been recalled from Nashville.

RHP Justin James has been assigned outright to Nashville.

With the removal of Mitre and James, the Brewers 40-man roster now stands at 36.


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Adam, can you (or anyone) explain to me why the Brewers are a) continually lowering their 40-man roster, before at 38 and b) why when they DFA someone, he’s getting removed from the 40-man? They’re often being added back again anyway (e.g. Kottaras, Boggs), so why do they go off the roster if they’re merely going to Nashville?

Someone needs to tell on Roenicke he doesn’t have to play his infield in in a scoreless game in the 2nd inning. Can ya get that done for me Adam?

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This is a great move. This looks more like a playoff roster. If the Mets and Dodgers are out of it, look for a huge all in move by the brewers. Can you say Reyes and a left handed pitcher.

WOW!!! Congratulations! And who are we all kidding? His wife did the hard part!! Let’s give a round of apuaplse to her! Enjoy it buddy! Rest when you can. They are only this small once and it doesn’t last very long. Soak it in; the next thing you’ll hear is for the keys to the car Dad .All wishes for health and happiness!Mike

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