Latest loss ends with closed-door meeting

A 7-3 loss to the D-backs on Tuesday night prompted manager Ron Roenicke to do something rare. He felt compelled to call a postgame team meeting for only the second time this season.

“It’s been a battle,” Roenicke said. “There’s a lot of guys that are frustrated. There’s a lot of staff members that are frustrated with what’s going on. We need to stop it. We need to turn this thing back around again. Coming home, we’ve played so good at home I thought we’d do it. These first couple of games got away from us, and we need to get that back.”

So, he called players and coaches together for a brief talk.

“I’m not picking out individuals, because that’s not the problem,” Roenicke said. “The problem is the whole group. The problem is me and the coaches. We’re all together in this thing, and we all need to figure it out.”

He’s hoping for either some consistency, or another hot streak. The Brewers went on one in early May, when they were baseball’s hottest team through a three-game sweep of the Cardinals from June 10-12.

“All the good things we were doing in that month, we need to get that back again,” Roenicke said.


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“I don’t see us giving up. I don’t see us quitting, even when we get behind in games,” Roenicke said. “I still see an offense that’s working hard to try to get back in the ballgame.”



“We’ve got a good offense”, he says. I’m not sure I know what or where that “good offense” is. Granted, there are a few guys in the batting order on any given night who come through — 2 or 3 or 4 of them. But the rest are just starting to look like automatic outs. In the case of our shortstop, pop fly outs. In the case of some others, strikeouts in key situations. In the case of pinch hitters and role players, routine ground balls and soft liners and medium ground balls right at somebody. Sorry but that’s just not enough. And if that’s all we’ve got, then do some deals and get the next round of future talent ready.

This team has to be “on fire” offensively 2 nights out of 3, or 3 nights out of 4, to be able to cover up for inconsistent starting pitching and scary defense, which makes you hold your breath so often it could be injurious to your health.

I’m worried, and if management, ownership, and the key players are not getting a bit pissed off and impatient, then something is wrong with them.

Trying to keep the faith, but having some trouble these days after spending a weekend in Minneapolis watching the futility of all but a couple of innings. Sheesh. Get the best guys in there, righty or lefty pitching (who cares?) and let them get some of the good juju flowing. Enough of this chip and putt par 3 course offense.

Very well said bro

The offense will rise and fall through out the season, but the reality is both the starting pitching and bullpen are the source of the problems right now. Picking up a solid bench player who can make contact, a SS who doesn’t pop out every anyone time he has runners on, and another strong bullpen arm could be the final pieces that get us to October. I’m not saying anything anyone has already mentioned already however. It’s up to Melvin to go out and get these final pieces.

Passion. The poor play on the road 16-29 finally is spilling over to home. Its like, “oh we are home we will win” Forget the home record this team has to win on the road. That is when he should have held the team meeting after the first Yankee loss. It was like we are a minor league team against them.

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