Braun on his MRI results, All-Star plan

An MRI scan on Wednesday provided some clarity of Ryan Braun’s left leg injury plus some peace of mind for the Brewers slugger, who said he will not start next week’s All-Star Game unless he can first get on the field this weekend against the Reds.

Asked whether he’ll meet that deadline, Braun said, “I honestly don’t know.”

“If I don’t play in these games, I won’t play in the All-Star game. That’s not fair,” Braun said. “The priority is to [the Brewers], to being healthy and staying healthy for the second half.”

Braun was the National League’s leading vote-getter, and is in line to make his fourth consecutive All-Star Game start.

He said his MRI revealed inflammation of a tendon behind the left knee, which is why Braun has felt the injury both in his calf and his hamstring. It would be a faster heal, he said, if one of the larger muscles were the source of the discomfort.

“More than anything, it’s nice to just know what we’re dealing with,” Braun said. “Make sure there’s nothing torn, there’s nothing serious, that we’re not doing any long-term damage. We have an idea of how to attack it.”

Braun was hurt breaking out of the batter’s box in Minnesota on Saturday and was examined Wednesday by the Brewers’ head physician, Dr. William Raasch. Manager Ron Roenicke said Braun would likely not play Thursday’s series opener against the Reds, but could start as early as Friday night.


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