Brewers test new tickets policy

Interesting news from the Brewers this morning about a new system of ticketing. Looks like there are some deals to be had… I randomly checked the Aug. 31 game and it appears loge outfield and loge bleacher seats are both $10 cheaper. For the bleacher seats, that’s 50 percent off.

Here are the details from the club:

 In an effort to provide the best ticket value for fans, the Brewers are partnering with Qcue to test a demand-based pricing system for select games.  Demand-based pricing helps teams more accurately price tickets for individual games and provide fans with more price options.

By utilizing advanced computer pricing software linked to the ticketing system, the Brewers will have the ability to adjust ticket prices in real time based on ticket purchasing demand and changing factors such as team performance, pitching matchups and the weather.

“Demand-based pricing not only give us greater day-to-day ticket pricing flexibility, but also broadens the ticket-buying fan base,” said Brewers Chief Operating Officer, Rick Schlesinger.  “It rewards fans for buying earlier in the season and protects season seat holder value. We believe this structure will help us reach more fans with attractive pricing options for seats that currently go unsold.”

The test games include Wednesday, August 31 vs. St. Louis (7:10 p.m.); Saturday, September 10 vs. Philadelphia (6:10 p.m.); and Monday, September 26 vs. Pittsburgh (7:10 p.m.).  Sections for the test include only the loge bleachers and loge outfield sections.  Pricing for seats in those locations for the three games is subject to change and fans should be reminded that the best deals will most likely be found early as the price will never be lower than the initial offering.

Fans can visit, select the “Tickets” tab and then click on the Demand-Based pricing link to purchase tickets.  The demand-based tickets for the select games are now on sale.

Other Major League teams such as the St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox have implemented different versions of demand-based pricing. Qcue has worked with numerous MLB, NBA and NHL teams on demand-based pricing.


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