Melvin hints no ‘top’ prospects in K-Rod deal

Brewers GM Doug Melvin discussed the Francisco Rodriguez trade this morning on MLB Network Radio channel on SiriusXM, and seemed to indicate to hosts Jim Memolo and Mel Antonen that the Brewers would not have to part with any of their top, top prospects in the deal.

The Mets will choose from a list of five Brewers Minor Leagues to complete the trade. Melvin told me last night that the picks will be made in September.

Here’s a portion of this morning’s radio transcript:

Memolo: “How would you classify the players on that list? Is this a major deal for you? Is this more about the money for the Mets? If you could kind of characterize it in some way?”

Melvin: “Well, I think it is evident that the Mets felt, I can’t speak on their behalf, but I think they felt that, a lot of people speculated that K-Rod would be moved in that regard. So from our standpoint, we engaged in conversation with them and I saw that the opportunity was to go in there and try to get him. We’ll find out about the players. I believe any player that puts a Minor League uniform on has a chance to play in the big leagues. The level they play at is determined by the players. As far as our top top guys, it’s not going to happen but they’re players that could play in the big leagues.”

So, there’s a bit of a hint about what caliber of prospects we’re talking. I don’t know any of the five names on the list, and it’s safe to say the Brewers will do their best to make sure the names do not come out. You don’t want your prospects, “top” or not, to know they are being dangled in a trade.


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If Melvin were telling the truth, Taylor Green would have a chance to platoon at 3rd this season. My impression is that unless a player projects to be a star, Melvin would rather have a veteran at the end of his career.

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