Brewers on Beltran? Melvin won’t say

Brewers general manager Doug Melvin was offered an easy opportunity Tuesday to swat away the persistent rumor that Milwaukee is among the suitors for Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran.

Instead, Melvin said, “I don’t want to get into anything about their players.”

At first glance, the Brewers would appear a long shot for Beltran, the All-Star switch-hitter who is drawing interest from a number clubs with Minor League systems perceived as deeper than Milwaukee’s. But if there’s one lesson Melvin and Brewers principal owner Mark Attanasio have taught, particularly over the past three seasons, it’s that you should never rule out Milwaukee.

Melvin has a knack for surprise blockbusters, from the CC Sabathia trade in July 2008 to a near-deal with the Blue Jays in December 2009 (Halladay had no-trade rights and preferred clubs that spend Spring Training in Florida) to the acquisitions of Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke last winter to last week’s out-of-nowhere deal for Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez.

None of those trades were rumored before they went down.

“If a deal is for the right player, I’m always open to making a deal,” Melvin said, speaking in general about trading for marquee players and not specifically about Beltran. “We’ve got some [Minor League] players we won’t give up in deals, though. Our system is a little deeper than most people say. …

“We’ve built a reputation as a club that wants to contend and wants to try to get the best players,” Melvin said. “We draw well, we have a good situation here. We’ve gotten a lot more marquee [free agents]. It’s not a situation where we’re going to try to win on marginal players. We don’t give up on it. We work hard at it. We want to be the best.”

The Mets will already get two Brewers Minor Leaguers in the K-Rod trade. They have until Sept. 1 to choose two players from a list of five, and Melvin told New York general manager Sandy Alderson that if he’d like to make those picks before Sept. 1, the Brewers would honor the request.

Brewers officials have remained tight-lipped about the players on that list. They can move freely throughout Milwaukee’s Minor League system, but may not be promoted to the Majors, Melvin said.

The nonwaiver trade deadline is at 3 p.m. CT on Sunday. Teams may still make trades after that date, but the players involved must first clear waivers.


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this wouldn’t make much sense. He is way too expensive and injury prone. If anything, Brewers should be looking into Reyes

Reyes is just as much of an injury risk, if not more. I will give you that Beltran’s expensive, though, but we can afford it.

It actually does make a bit of sense. Put Beltran in RF, move Hart to CF. Then you can bat a 1-5 of Hart-Beltran-Braun-Fielder-Weeks, or move Weeks back to leadoff and bat Weeks-Hart-Braun-Fielder-Beltran. Can’t really go wrong putting any of those guys in any of those spots. Beltran would certainly help to add consistency to this offense, although the OF defense would lose some speed.

Now, while I would certainly be happy if we got Beltran, I would also much rather Melvin focused on a true area of need, like shortstop or third base. Not saying he couldn’t get Beltran AND a guy like Clint Barmes, but I would be just as happy if he only got Barmes.

Get Beltran. Put Hart in CF, Morgan in LF, and Braun back to 3B. I doubt his defense would be as bad as what we got now and it adds another bat and we don’t lose Morgan’s fire from the lineup.

Although, I think I would prefer Cameron to come back in a back up role. Just for the leadership he provides. And of course almost anyone else at SS. Don’t need a bat, just someone to play above average defense so Grienke doesn’t melt down every other game.

braun is now just getting the hang of left field and becoming a premier outfielder no way that would ever happen keep braun in left and keep the outfield as is, this deal wont happen

“Get Beltran. Put Hart in CF, Morgan in LF, and Braun back to 3B. I doubt his defense would be as bad as what we got now”

You must not have watch Braun at 3rd in 2007. As bad as McGehee has been, he’s better than Braun. As well as he hit as a rookie, if his defense was even remotely passable he’d have never moved. But it wasn’t.

Which means we also don’t have to worry about Hart in CF, too. Thank goodness.

That’s Melvin’s way of saying yes. Would it kill him to actually give a couple at bats to people like Taylor Green? I’ve never seen a guy with such hatred for young players and such an obsession with old ones. Big trades, big FA signings, superstars and drama, but never building your team through the farm. I can’t stand the guy.

“never building your team through the farm”

Braun, Weeks, Fielder, Hart, Gallardo, Lucroy

All farm guys. Not good enough for you?

Beltran would be another after-the-post-season departure due to contract. Now that Gomex graciously took himself out of the lineup (who didn’t see that coming with the constant theatrics?), you can put Morgan in CF at least 2/3 of the time and use Kotsay as backup for Braun (leg injury being treated cautiously), CF when needed, and as motivation for Hart to stay healthy and hot. Shortstop is the current need, but no-one is trading at that position. If you want to look at OF, wait until Prince leaves, shift Hart to 1B and fill in your OF staff then with a power hitter. To be honest, though, the weak spot on the team isn’t necessarily in any one position: it’s mental. The pieces are there but the players and coaches need to stop thinking about the team as “needing just one more X” and start figuring out how to work together. Oh, and a bit of work on fundamentals, less work on making the replay reel…

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