Fielder: ‘Fighting stuff is for the birds’

Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy was downright furious about the Cardinals’ decision to go way inside against Ryan Braun in the seventh inning Tuesday night. It was obvious retaliation, the Brewers said, for the Takashi Saito pitch that had struck Albert Pujols one half-inning earlier.

Prince Fielder agreed, but he took a more measured approach in his comments following the Brewers’ 8-7 loss.

“We’ve got a baseball game to win, and we don’t really have time for the suspense,” said Fielder, who has been part of a slew of tense Cardinals-Brewers games over the years. “I think we’re past that as a team. It happens and you move on, go try and win a ballgame.

“We’re here to  win, man. All that fighting stuff, that’s for the birds.”

The Brewers got the point, Fielder said. Too bad they couldn’t cash in on the free baserunner, loading the bases with nobody out after Jason Motte plunked Braun in the back.

Cardinals reliever Lance Lynn escaped with the tie intact, and St. Louis finally won in 11 innings.

Lucroy was still hot after the game about the pitch that struck Braun.

“That’s clearly intentional. That’s ridiculous,” Lucroy said. “There’s no way that we were trying to hit Pujols on purpose. Are you kidding me? In that situation? If we wanted to put him on base, we would have walked him. We were trying to pitch him inside and get a ground ball to third base, just like they did to me when I came up [in the bottom of the inning] with the bases loaded.

“I think it’s stupid. I don’t think anyone needs to pay for that. There’s no way we were trying to do that on purpose, and we shouldn’t get punished for something we weren’t trying to do on purpose. Look at the situation. If they were beating us by a lot, or we were beating them by a lot, and that happens, OK, maybe we did it on purpose. … Come on. We were trying to get a ground ball. It’s unbelievable.”

But that wasn’t the case, Lucroy said. And considering it took Motte two inside pitches to make his point, “he definitely should have been thrown out,” Lucroy argued. “We all thought that.”


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I don’t think Prince was trying to be tongue in cheek with the “that’s for the birds” quote but it sure is fitting, considering we’re playing the “RED”birds!

Look, it may not have been intentional to hit Pujols but its a player sticking up for another player. What you did see was Brauny get hit in the back. Too many times the pitcher aims at the guys head and that’s when you see benches clear and more people getting pissed. Lucroy needs to take Fielders lead and let it go. Yeah a pitch in the back stings a bit but its not putting the batters life or career in jeopardy. If both teams are smart they’ll let it go cause if the ump has to warn the teams tonight it hurts the pitcher by taking away the inside part of the plate.

I definately think Motte was trying to hit Braun on purpose. It’s a little suspicious when a pitcher throws behind the batter on one pitch and the very next pitch you nail him in the side.

Stings a bit? Those balls generaly go 80 or 90 miles an hour! Ever hear of blood clots from a bruise like that? Well I have.If it comes over as intentional then throw the pitcher OUT. Period.

This hit batter stuff is nonsense. The Cards have set the stage so Pujols can’t be pitched in as much. Now he can extend his arms and drive the ball a bit better. Hopefully, the Crew pitching staff doesn’t lose it’s nerve today and still pounds him up and in to keep him neutered.

That was a winable game against a division opponant that got away from them. Too many bad plate approaches with poor decisions. Chasing pitches outside the zone or unhitable pitches early in the count. Giving up an early 6 hurts but worse yet is to be in the game late with bases loaded and nobody out and not getting key hits with runners in scoring position! The relief pitching did it’s job last night, the hitters came up short. If this team is to make noise in the playoffs, they will need to get those key hits.

Cardinals are the “Keepers of Baseball!” What a croc! Mark “Steroid” McGwire as your hitting coach. LaRussa throwing at Braun was such crap last night. What a classless organization from the top to bottom. It even took two pitches to hit Braun. The pitcher should have been throw out and even that old classless piece of “Sh*t” manager too! GO CREW!

the ump made a mistake by not ejecting Flynn and LaRussa. When there’s clear intent (and I don’t think anyone would argue intent wasn’t there) then there should be ejections period.

The ump made a mistake by not ejecting Flynn? Who is Flynn? Are you referrring to Matt Flynn, back up QB for the Packers? Or Lance Lynn who happened to be warming up in the bullpen when Jason Motte hit Braun? Before you throw a fit, make sure you have 1) The correct player and 2) You have the correct name of the player.

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Besides the obvious points of Braun being hit intentionally and that St Louis is just a bush league team with a pathetic crybaby for a manager, I think the poor fielding lost the game for the Crew. In the third inning, accurate throws by Hart and fielder would’ve prevented that three run homer. A good throw to catch Holliday stealing and there wouldn’t have been a base runner on to score on Berkman’s hit. He should’ve been walked in that situation anyway. Lets win the series today and keep up the momentum!

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