Hart relieved by x-ray results

A younger Corey Hart suffered broken fingers, hands, wrists, ankles and a collarbone. After he was struck in the left hand by a wayward pitch on Saturday night, Hart had a sinking feeling that he had suffered another bad break.

Instead, x-rays yielded good news. They were negative, meaning Hart’s hand is bruised but not broken, and he is day-to-day instead of sidelined for several weeks.

The news came as a relief to Hart and to the Brewers, who are already playing without starting second baseman Rickie Weeks (left ankle) and backup center fielder Carlos Gomez (collarbone).

“I’ve broken stuff before, and it had that feeling,” Hart said. “It didn’t feel good to move it at all. I was just hoping. We already have Rickie down, and it’s nice that this will only be a day or two instead of longer.”

Hart still planed to travel home to Arizona on Sunday night to attend an event at his kids’ school on Monday, an off-day for the Brewers. He will visit the team’s medical facility at Maryvale Baseball Park for treatment, then will travel early Tuesday to St. Louis, where Brewers head athletic trainer Roger Caplinger will determine Hart’s availability for the opening game of another key series against the Cardinals.

Hart said he hopes to play. The key will be whether he can grip a bat.

“It’s swollen-up today and he’s still sore,” manager Ron Roenicke said.

Hart has handled much worse. He ran through his list of childhood injuries — a broken ankle playing basketball, and a broken hand playing high school football. He broke a collarbone trying to ride down a hill while standing on a sled. He’s broken his wrist three times — on falls off a bike, a pair of Rollerblades and a homemade skateboard.

“I was a train wreck when I was a kid,” Hart joked. “I learned my lesson after a while.”


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