Roenicke urges care with ‘beast mode’

Brewers manager Ron Roenicke is happy to see his team having fun, but would prefer players tone down the Monsters of Miller Park act.

In recent weeks, the Brewers have been celebrating big hits by raising both arms in the air, a gesture that Prince Fielder says it began with his kids imitating characters from the animated movie, “Monsters, Inc.” Fielder did it after driving in both of his runs (here and here) in Sunday’s win over the Mets.

Lately, even some routine singles have become cause for celebration. Is Roenicke OK with that? Not really.

But before going to players with a request to tone things down, Roenicke consulted clubhouse veterans Craig Counsell and Mark Kotsay.

“I mentioned some things to them, I mentioned some things to a few guys. I don’t want it to get carried away,” Roenicke said. “Do I like it? Not particularly. But I don’t think that I’m just going to come out and say, ‘Don’t do it again.’ If I see it get worse, and I see it being a problem, then I’ll talk to the guys about it.”

Players insist the gesture is not meant to show up the opposition, and say they are just having fun. The Rangers made similar celebrations popular last season with the “claw” and “antlers” gestures, all the way to the World Series.

“Today’s game is just different,” Roenicke said. “If you want to be ‘old school,’ you’re not going to do real well in this game today unless you’ve been around as long as Tony La Russa or [Bobby] Cox last year. Then it’s a little different, because … they’ve earned the respect that they can make that call. I have not.”

Outfielder Nyjer Morgan referred to the Brewers’ gestures in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as “beast mode,” and understands there is a fine line between having fun and disrespect.

“We don’t want to show up anybody,” Morgan said, “and we don’t want to seem like we’re out there being cocky and don’t respect someone else’s game, or the game in general. If it comes down to that, guys are going to have to turn things down. I think it’s cool.”

“Our personality is different than everybody else’s,” said another “beast,” right fielder Corey Hart. “I think it’s good if other teams don’t like it.”


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I agree with Corey. I think it’s awesome that the team can enjoy themselves. Who cares if the other teams like it or not.

If you don’t want them to celebrate, don’t allow them to get hits.

IF you don’t want them celebrating then don’t give up hits.

I absolutely love the personality of our baseball team. They draw people in to watch even if baseball isnt their first choice sport! They are the reason you have sell-out games. Its that personality that get the fans worked up and excited to kick ass….. Im just sayin….dont take away what we love about our boys!! If it were taunting or anything like that, Id understand toning it down. But I really believe the reason we have such a great team is because of the fun they have playing the game. Why fix something that isnt broken?!??

I think the whole “Beast Mode” thing is just good clean fun. I think you’d have to know the team but they certainly don’t strike me as being disrespectful. We love the Brewers for the same reason a lot of us loved Brett, because they love the game and aren’t afraid to show it.

My grams recently lost gramps and the only time she really smiles is when she sees you guys play….she LOVES the beast mode….dont stop!!!!

Brent who? lol……

A true Packer fan will always remember Brett’s name.

let them have the fun they deserve, its been a long time coming. fear the beast

I have to agree…they aren’t doing the “beast mode” towards the other team…they do it towards each other. It’s their way of high-fiving their teammates while they are still on base. The biggest thing I enjoy about watching the Brewers play the game is seeing how much fun they are having while doing so. That makes me feel like they aren’t just in it for the money…they actually enjoy their “job”. I say let it be.

The Brewers are in fact walking a fine line but I think they do it well. Even speaking as a Cardinals fan I don’t think the Brewers are trying to show anybody up. Swagger and confidence go a long way in baseball and the Brewers seem to use “beast mode” as a way to sustain confidence even through difficult times.

The Brewers are legitimately good about once every 30 years and they deserve to enjoy it when playing well. It makes baseball more fun for everyone to watch and they are teaching us all something about seizing the moment.

Supp pitched GREAT!

Led by there alter ego co-pilot Nyjer Morgan, a.k.a. T-Plush, ‘Beast mode’ has made the team unite and create a spotlight not seen in Brew City in over two decades. It has made a community come together and rally their home town team to victory! What is there not to love about it!? I say Go Beast mode til the Brew is Gone. FEAR THE BEER!

Led by there alter ego co-pilot Nyjer Morgan, a.k.a. T-Plush, ‘Beast mode’ has made the team unite and create a spotlight not seen in Brew City in over two decades. It has made a community come together and rally their home town team to victory! What is there not to love about it!? I say Go Beast mode til the Brew is Gone. FEAR THE BEER!

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Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff online.

I’d rather see the Beast Mode after hits, then blowing kisses to the opposing pitcher or tossing bats and walking after homeruns. Football is more popular b/c of the intensity and the fun dumb little dances players do etc. We here in the WI loved “gravedigger”, the champ belt, the Mario hop, and now “beast mode”

When the Red Sox did their famous “hug” during their run to the championship a few years ago, nobody had a problem with that.

What is the problem? Because they are a small market team?? If the Yankees did beat mode, it would be all over Sports Center as the latest trend to follow and top story on the crappy East Coast Sports Network.

Non-story. Teams got a problem with it? Beat them!!

I think Beast Mode should be used only when the hit was an unequivocal success. The runs from that second link were scored due to an error, not because it was well hit.

That being said, still love the Beast Mode. The guys are being successful and having a good time doing it. Their fun is fun to watch.

This type of behavior seems to be prevalent in teams that are one hit wonders…it’s to bad that a organization that has always been a class outfit has allowed this. Ron R. needs to forget his lack of seniority and do what he knows is right. The 82 was full of personalities but never disrespected the game.

I think the goofy things that they do during the game is what helps them to be a better team. It’s a GAME. Game’s are supposed to be fun and they’re having fun. Get over it, Ron, or we’ll get rid of you and find someone with a personality.

feed the beasts !!!

I’m so sick of other teams being allowed to celebrate but we are not!!! I loved the “bowling pins” a couple years ago and think it’s so much more fun. other teams celebrate and we don’t hear a peep about it so people need to chill out and let the boys have their fun!

i love what the Brewers are doing in their games…they even got me doing the “beast mode”!!! Be happy and positive.

I love Beast Mode and I love the antics of T-Plush! Most of all I love the enthusiasm and to see Miller Park full of excited fans! I am old enough to remember 1982, but it was a LONG time ago. Let the team and he fans have some fun with this! It’s a great time to be a Brewers fan!!

Beast Mode = Marshawn Lynch. look it up

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“Rockin Robin” “The Igniter” even “Gumby damn it ” were all tags and nick names that other teams and opposing fans may not have cared for much . Please. Give this crew its due . Its shaping up for quite a ride . Enjoy the High Life …

For the record, no where does this story say that other teams are complaining about it. Just Ron.

Watch Mariano Rivera when he finishes a game.

Ass clowns.

Play baseball. Act like you’ve been there before.

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