Brewers unveil plan for postseason ticket lottery

Some news from the Brewers that I know a number of you have been waiting for:

The Milwaukee Brewers today announced details for a Postseason Single Game Ticketing Opportunity that will give fans an opportunity to register for the right to purchase tickets to potential individual 2011 Postseason games held at Miller Park.

 In addition, Season seatholders who currently have their Postseason order forms are reminded that TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 is the hard deadline for payment of 2011 Postseason Tickets.

Beginning Wednesday, September 7 at noon CT., fans interested in registering may go to and look for the link to “Postseason Single Game Ticketing Opportunity.”

 With inventory expected to be very limited, it is likely that only a very small number of fans will be selected to purchase tickets through this registration opportunity.

 “In 2008, we had over 220,000 fans register for a similar opportunity and we were only able to accommodate fewer than 5,000 of them,” said Rick Schlesinger, Brewers Chief Operating Officer. “The simple reality is that the demand for tickets far outpaces the supply.”

 Fans looking to guarantee tickets to Postseason games may bypass the single game registration by placing a deposit on a Season Seat Plan for 2012. Details on all Postseason ticket options follow:


Registration will begin at 12:00 p.m. CT Wednesday, September 7 and will close at 12:00 p.m. CT, Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

The Brewers will conduct a random selection of winners from the pool of registrants for each of the three Postseason series. The N.L. Division Series (NLDS) winners will be selected on or around September 22 and will have the opportunity to purchase up to four (4) tickets to one (1) game of the 2011 NLDS.

Winners for N.L. Championship Series (closes Friday, September 30) and World Series (closes Monday, October 10) will be selected from the same of pool registrants at later dates. Registrants (including winners of previous drawings) will be eligible for each drawing.

There is no charge to register for this opportunity, and additional rules and information are available at


The first option is for fans to purchase a Full Season Ticket Plan for the 2012 season. Fans who select this option will be given the opportunity to purchase tickets to ALL 2011 Postseason games at Miller Park, including the World Series.

The second option is for fans to purchase a 20-Game Plan for the 2012 season. Those who choose this option will be given the opportunity to purchase tickets to all 2011 NLDS and NLCS games at Miller Park.

Fans interested in either one of these two options can visit or call 414-902-HITS.


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When will 9 pack holders be able to purchase their tickets?

@ Chris, I just e-mailed them that same question and was informed that next week they will be sending out our letter as to what we can buy for the post season (1NLDS game and 1 NLCS game). We will be able to purchase them online mid-late September

when will uecker seat holders be able to purchase world series seats?

I was told yesterday from my ticket agent that 9 pack ticket holder would receive a letter this week to register online for the tickets we were promised in our ticket package.

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