Braun laughs off basepath belly-flop

By Thursday morning, Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun was able to laugh about his belly flop on the basepaths. If you missed it, check out my story and the video over at

His teammates were laughing, too. That photo above is the scene on the field at Miller Park after some pranksters used athletic tape to recreate Braun’s tumble.

“I think in the moment, it was frustrating. The further I get away from it, the funnier it becomes,” Braun said. “There’s nothing you can do about it at that point. There’s no reason not to laugh about it because you can’t go back and change it. …

“Once I saw Eddie [Sedar, Milwaukee’s third base coach] sending me, I think I got excited,” Braun said, “and I tried to run faster than I needed to and lost my form. I felt it coming. There’s not much you can do at that point.”

Braun admitted he took too long watching the line drive off his bat, and did not start sprinting until he reached first base. But he figures that if he had been able to recover from his first fall around third, he still would have been able to score.

Instead, he stumbled again and was an easy out.

“I’ve gotten a lot of trash talk today from every one of my friends who plays another sport,” Braun said. “All of my basketball and football friends are texting me about my lack of athleticism. I take a pride in my athleticism so I’ve been taking a lot of trash talk.”

Braun declined to name-drop, but one of his friends was right there in the stands. Former NBA star Reggie Miller lives in Braun’s Malibu, Calif. neighborhood and was clad in Brewers gear Wednesday night. They went to dinner after the game.

“He was laughing about it,” Braun said.

Braun saw the silver lining: “I think I’m fortunate I didn’t get hurt.”


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I do not understand the laugh it off mind set. Things have been going well and certainly do not expect perfection but to have the 2nd place team come into your own house and pound you like the Cardinals have, it is very disappointing. Getting beat is one thing but getting whipped like this at home, not good.
maybe T Plush and the laughing group need to take the Reggie Jackson, get intense mindset now……too many big games left to simply blow games.

I was there to witness this event it was pretty funny. Glad that Bruan was not hurt and it sucks that they lost, but you gotta have a little fun.

I want to know . . . where did his helmet land?

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