Lefty-heavy lineup means start for Green

The Brewers have stacked their lineup with left-handed hitters against Astros starter Bud Norris, whose nasty slider makes him extremely tough on righties. The evidence is in the statistical splits, which show Norris holding righty hitters to a .203 batting average, a .282 on-base percentage and a .338 slugging percentages. Lefties are .288/.358/.468 against him.

So, Taylor Green gets his first career start, which I’m sure has sparked dancing in the streets of Milwaukee, Mark Kotsay will play right field in place of Corey Hart (who is sitting on a 15-game hitting streak), George Kottaras will catch and Craig Counsell will play shortstop.

Here’s the full lineup:

Nyjer Morgan RF
Jerry Hairston 2B
Ryan Braun LF
Prince Fielder 1B
Mark Kotsay RF
Taylor Green 3B
George Kottaras C
Craig Counsell SS
Chris Narveson LHP


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1 Comment

I hit left handed. Put me in for Braun.

Sitting Hart for Kotsay reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Mr. Burns brings in MLB ringers for the company baseball game. With the bases loaded in a walk off situation, he pinch hits lefty Darryl Strawberry with righty Homer because he’s “just playing the percentages.”

(Homer then gets hit in the head with the pitch, gets knocked out, and wins the game)

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