Next stop for Crew cavalry: St. Louis

The Cavalry (courtesy @TheRealTPlush)

After one last game against the Astros on Sunday, the Brewers’ cavalry was headed for St. Louis.

Forget the traditional suits and ties. The Brewers planned to travel Sunday night wearing cowboy boots, hats and belt buckles the size of dinner plates, a bit of fun before some serious business.

Beginning Monday afternoon, the Brewers engage the Cardinals for three final games between the National League Central’s top two teams. Milwaukee will enter with at least a 7 1/2 game lead, but St. Louis swept the last meeting at Miller Park just last week.

So, there is still regular-season work to do.

Who says the Brewers can’t have a little fun along the way?

Players said it was manager Ron Roenicke’s idea to go cowboy for the flight to St. Louis, and they traveled in groups to Houston outfitters to gear-up. Rather, most of them did. Jonathan Lucroy had everything he needed already in his closet, and just bought a new belt buckle for fun. Milwaukee’s Craig Counsell opted for a thrift store, figuring his cowboy getup had very little chance of seeing the light of day after Sunday.

For the particularly cynical Brewers fans conjure the memory of the team’s 2001 “Sweep Suits,” the garish get-up players wore after a June sweep of the Cubs that was followed by a precipitous plunge in the standings, Ryan Braun advised everybody to remain calm. That’s what the Brewers are trying to do.

“It’s not about staying loose for the Cardinals,” Braun said. “It’s just staying loose in general. By this time in the season everything has been the same for months. Same routine, same travel, same collared shirt. It’s a good time to mix things up a little.”

Nyjer Morgan posted two photos of himself, one in front of Minute Maid Park complete with boots, head-to-toe denim, a bolo tie and hat. Instead of Tony Plush, he was Tony Tombstone.

He loved that Roenicke proposed the idea.

“The skipper understands these guys,” Morgan said. “He’s great for us.”

Here’s a few more:

Loe, Hawkins and Axford

Narveson and Gallardo (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

Ed Sedar (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)



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Good lord I love this team…Can we just keep the exact same guys until they’re old and grey? Please?

Aaaaaahh–Tony went for alliteration but now I hear it and all I can think is…pizza. (And it’s BAD pizza, at that.)

Freaking hilarious… I almost pee’d my pants🙂 Love this team!!!! I agree with Laura… we do need to keep the same guys…forever!

thst is great I love the idea! Have fun Guys!!!

Some of those guys looked GOOD in the cowboy gear. It would be great to see a group photo

Nothing wrong with some fun! I am so proud of this years Brewer Team. I also wish we could keep them forever.

better than shaving their heads lol.

Brewers have a chance to do something really special this year. Just eliminate most mistakes and it’ll be good!

More pics please

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I’m totally liking our new manager he rocks and he makes things happen thank-you brewer’s for making baseball sooooooooooooo much fun I’m a very loyal fan through good times and bad I just enjoy watching baseball awesome……….

What a great way to have some fun! Always a fan.

Fans wear cowboy gear Thursday Sept 8 at Miller Park

Fans in the Comox Valley (British Columbia) are so proud of local boy Taylor Green.

Cowboy gear on the fans on the 8th–I wanna see that, now, GREAT idea.

LaRussa is going to hate this, which just makes me love it even more🙂

Cowboy up Tony. Btw does anybody have a lasso for LaRussa when he
Calls a peg…Lastly Afford looks way too natural in that get up…anybody?

Awesome sombrero Yo!

Love this Brewers Team! So much fun to watch them play ball and now the cowboy outfits!! Keep going Brewers. We love you!

Axford looks like Doc Holladay from ‘Tombstone’!

Awesome; love the spirit and fun the team is having! GO BREWERS!!

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