Morgan talks about ninth-inning scuffle

We spoke to Nyjer Morgan about his ninth-inning confrontation with Chris Carpenter in tonight’s 2-0 Brewers loss:

“There’s nothing really to explain, man. Just hard ball,” Morgan said. “The competitiveness came out in both teams.”

Morgan said he reacted only after Carpenter cursed at him a moment after finishing a 10-pitch strikeout. Morgan had doubled off Carpenter earlier in the game, the only extra-base hit off the right-hander.

The phrase Morgan attributed to Carpenter was only two words long and ended with, “you.”

“They’re not going to see that,” Morgan said, either referring to the umpiring crew or Carpenter’s teammates, “they’re going to see what I said.”

Morgan did send some words back at Carpenter, then threw his chewing tobacco out on the field. Carpenter and Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols advanced, and both benches and bullpens cleared.

Carpenter and Morgan also had words earlier this season.

“He was battling there, I was battling, too. He felt like he had to say something,” Morgan said. “If he feels like he has to say something, let him say it, but then as soon as he said it, he turns his back and walks away. It’s whatever. We’re still in first place. Believe it.”

It was the first of three times during a three and a half minute chat with reporters that Morgan reminded his listeners about the Brewers’ place in the standings. After Wednesday’s loss, their lead in the National League Central is 8 1/2 games.

Earlier in the at-bat, Morgan had hit a long fly ball off Carpenter. His 10 pitch at-bat came after Carpenter carved through the Brewers’ lineup through eight innings on only 83 pitches.

“He’s lucky I didn’t put the ball in them seats, the one that went foul,” Morgan said.

He said the incident was “over with,” and so is the season series. The Brewers and Cardinals will not meet again until 2012.


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Hmm. makes it a little more interesting, and a bit relieving, that Carpenter started it. I for sure thought Nyjer said something first. I must say, I enjoy this rival drama

I thought that chewing tobacco was outlawed in MLB. Go Brewers!!!! Just sayin’

Way to go t plush we are in first place!

Way to go T-Plush ….. The plushdementals came out tonite :)) you ROCK :))
ahhhhhhhhh GOTTA GO

Morgan needs to shut his mouth. Look at the scoreboard, man!! Ya, the Brewers are in first, but the Cards were handling them pretty easily tonight. I’m a definite Brewers fan, but shut up and win!

Unless the Cards catch the wild card…hmm, that’ll be an intense playoff. Can you say ’82 rematch ? Morgan was out of line. I doubt Carp said anything – what would he even say, and why ? Even if he did, a reasonable reaction would be to reply – ONCE, not go on and on and on, then throw your chew ! Morgan’s a great player, but he’s an a-double-s-hole !

Ha! Right. And the Cardinals walk on water too? We know who the St.Louis fan is on this page! Morgan has kept a very level head since joining the Brewers and doesn’t just start things for the hell o it anymore. The Cards play dirty and Morgan was stepping up to a challenge. And the Cardinals wonder why they’re the moated hated team in all of baseball…no wonder!

Spoken like a true idiot St. Louis fan. Of course they didnt do anything they are so innocent and would never do that. I would like to mention that the brewers showed ten times the class as the useless cards. They hit one of our best players but we are a bit more mature than they are and didnt have to retaliate.

Uh, you guys hit our player 1st (or I should say the MLBs best player for the last 11 years) – yes, I know it wasn’t intentional, and no, we shouldn’t have retaliated, but don’t act like you’re totally blameless. Retaliation for hitting a player is a tradition, good or bad. It just sucks that it was Braun, who is a nice guy…but he knew it was coming, and he was cool with it (as cool as you can be in a situation like that). Get over it !

Childish? Yes. Does losing suck? Yes. But we must be better! Philly is up next! That is our True measuring stick. If we can even Split the Philly series, I will be impressed.

hey dumbass card fan, everything was over until blojus had to come running over and start his steriod mouth a flapping. just saying

I hate the Cardinals. plain and simple.

Never have a seen a bunch of whiners and sore losers as this Cardinals bunch. Since they can’t let their play back them up on the field, they have to always resort to playing and talking dirty.

Hope they learn some manners in the off season. Good to see the Brewers not put up with that! Morgan was not out of hand in any bit.

If anything, why the heck does Pujols just keep his rear end at 1st base instead of charge towards Morgan like he was going to do something?? He may be a possible hall of famer, but he is also a class A jerk!!

Pujols coming over to protect his P from a 8 personality freak that thinks hes funny is starting it? how about screamin F you Pu$$Y after striking out on a high fastball then throwing his dip at him. And carp must be psychic if he can cuss twice at nyjer midpitch, cuz nyjer was running his mouth as soon as his swing finished. And nyjer was still staring at carp and walking down the third base line more than walking towards the dugout. Pujols just told him to go to his dugout.

No you have it wrong. Pujols was just starting his run as he leaves this whining joke of our “S” don’t stink Cardinals organization for more money!

That’s ok. Carpenter probably still blaming mother nature for how much he was sweating when he got beat around by the Brewers back in July.

P.S. Are they still protesting about the illuminated lights??

he didnt start coming over til the chew was thrown at carp and that dumbass nyjer was slowly strutting down the third base line. he def wasnt walking towards the dugout or he wouldnt have seen pujols coming over. i guess its better than how fielder always tries to hold his guys back because he has no reason to stick up for the dumb retardedness of his team and knows hes gone after this year.

what are the junk cards going to blame this win on, luck? the team is a joke, plain and simple. all about crying, excuses, and now winning? do you understand? it’s not over yet, my crew needs to keep winning, that’s it.

Thank you Anonymous. The Brew fans are just bitter because they’re starting to realize that they got lucky that our pitching was off early in the season, and that now that it’s back on they can’t beat us. If they can’t beat us, their WS chances are shot. Truth hurts, huh ?

Really StL fan,

If you talk such a big game, how can you not sweep teams worse than you? Cubs? Astros? Dodgers? Pirates??

That is how you lost the division. Or was it the complaining about the lighting in ballparks?

(btw, I’m not discounting your other wins, and it’s great you’re finally doing well – but as good as you’ve gotten, you aren’t WS material quite yet. Maybe next year)

Everybody knows Carp runs his mouth As long as Captain Piss Flaps is running the Cards they’ll never have any class and its a fact

I’m not a big fan of TLR’s personality, but he knows how to run a championship team. You guys have a class act manager, I’ll give you that.πŸ™‚

Morgan was wrong. And I’m a Brewer fan. He should have just walked away. Tip your cap and move on. I find it funny that none of the national media mentions Pujols walking towards an angry Morgan. Selective journalism I guess..

These antics (from either team) aren’t helping anything. These 2 teams playing each other is exciting enough as it is. I hope it all calms down eventually, but if Morgan doesn’t cool his temper, I suspect it’s only going to get worse. Most of the Brewers are a class act. We’ve got a few hot heads, but most of them are seasoned enough now to keep it in check unless poked at by someone else. TLR needs to just shut up and do what he does best, and run the team. Don’t blame McGhee at all tonight. He was right, that was a horrible call (that ump made a few of them)…Morgan got what he deserved though.

@Brian – I already said…our pitching has been inconsistent at least. We’ve beat plenty of teams, or we wouldn’t be in 2nd…also have the best hitting in the league…hmm. I’m not discounting what the Brewers have accomplished, but if our pitching had been better, those standings would look a lot different.

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Unless I read this wrong is there an actual sane Cardinals fan on here, that’s like finding a four leaf clover. But seriously Morgan has to realize that something like this will get him in the spotlight and another confrontation could get him suspended which would hurt the Brewers and his tweets didn’t help

There’s good and bad apples in every bunch. I’ve met plenty of jerk Brewers fans, but I think most of the time on the boards, the jerks are the kids. I’ll talk a little sh|t now and then, but it’s all in good fun. I respect what the Brewers have done these last few years, but Nyjer can go pluck himself. By no means are all the Brewers fans jerks. Actually, at the game last week, some Brewers fans GAVE me some tickets. They were better than the ones I had, so I gave my to some Brewers fans in return (though I’ll admit, I did try to find some Cards fans who needed ’em first). Generally, I think MOST of the fans of both teams just like good baseball & we all like to poke each other now and then, but mean no harm. Now the fans on either coast, or Cubs fans…that’s a different story !

I watched the game on Fox Sports Midwest on my cable package. They had excellent camera shots of the Morgan strikeout. After the strikeout pitch Carpenter immediately turned around and didn’t say a single word. Morgan immediately started jawing at Carpenter with no provocation and then threw his chaw toward Carpenter.
Most of the Brewers seem to be pretty classy guys, but I’m afraid there’s not enough mustard in the U.S. to cover a hot dog like Morgan.

Haha, looks like Nyjer was showing us his “frustamentals” tonight.πŸ˜‰ Hope he’s ready for a 98MPH Motte burner next time we meet! (no, it wasn’t cool that we beaned Braun, but Nyjer deserves it).

How can you call one of the best players of a generation a she…..

Because he’s a cocky bastard with no class.

Agreed, he makes the rest of the team look bad, someone needs to hank little Nyger’s chain!

Thought chewing tobacco was outlawed in MLB? Umm… where have you been hiding?

The same fans who are up in arms about Nyjer’s jawboning on the ballfield would applaud an NHL player doing the exact same thing in a meaningless skirmish after the whistle. Give him a two-minute unsportsmanlike penalty and move on.

Didn’t anyone else notice how Pupholes threw his arm around the ump after he was called out at home plate? The ump probably stuck around for the team picture after the game. Ugh!

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Nyjer Please…Turn the lights back up….YiP. The Cardinals still suck! Go BREW CREW!

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