Why Weeks wasn’t used

Many Brewers fans were wondering tonight why the team passed on a chance to use reinstated Rickie Weeks in the seventh inning of their 7-2 loss to the Phillies, when the pitcher’s spot in the order came up with two runners on base, two outs and Milwaukee trailing by four. Instead, manager Ron Roenicke sent utility man Josh Wilson to the plate and Wilson grounded out.

“[Weeks] hasn’t seen any live pitching,” Roenicke explained. “He hasn’t seen anyone throw hard. I told him I didn’t want to put him in a situation where it’s really crucial.”

Roenicke didn’t want Weeks’ first live pitch to come from Cole Hamels in a tight situation. Hamels worked a complete-game four-hitter.

Roenicke said he would have considered using Weeks to lead off an inning, then use a pitcher to pinch-run if Weeks reaches base. The Brewers would like to get Weeks in the batter’s box against a pitcher on Friday afternoon, but the leading candidate to throw that session is Frankie De La Cruz, who pitched an inning Thursday night.

The Brewers have admitted all along that Weeks still needs time to recover from his sprained left ankle. They reinstated him Thursday partly because there is no penalty for doing so. Expanded rosters in September give teams lots of flexibility.


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I’m not sure if many Brewers fan were wondering that … if any at all.

uhhh…I was wondering that big time…..So thanks adam for figuring that out!

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