Family seeks help with ‘field of dreams’

The Wisconsin family first featured on in November is making a second bid for funding to help build a youth baseball facility to honor Treyton Kilar, a 6-year-old Brewers fan killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.

Mary Kilar reported that the family is aiming for a $50,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project, and they are seeking help from fellow fans. For information about the project and the three ways to vote, visit The top 10 projects in the $50,000 category will receive funding.

The $474,000 facility would be one of the best of its kind in the state, complete with dugouts, a concession stand, seats built into a hillside and lights.

Just the kind of place Treyton would have loved to play ball.

“We always said to Treyton, ‘You need to dream big,’” Mark Kilar told late last year. “We really hope that when kids step on this field, they’ll think about the dreams that they have and work hard to reach them.”

So far, the Kilars have raised $155,000 toward the cause. Voting in the Pepsi Refresh Project continues through the end of the month.


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Perhaps if the public knew more about the use of the field it would help. Who will use this field. Who will fund its everyday costs? There are many costs associated with a venture of this size. There are no details as to what the long term plan is for a field of this size. While this is a great gesture and this is a very tragic outcome for this family, the reality of after this is built, who will fund the overhead and operational costs of the place. This is a business venture? Will it operate in the black. Is it not-for profit? Is it for Profit? If then who profits?

Let the family worry about that!……If you don’t want to help out by voting then move forward.

The City of Whitewater Sports & Recreations Dept will be supporting the field once it is complete. It will host little league and youth softball games throughout the season and will also be available for rent. The city just doesn’t have enough funding available to support the initial building of the field.

Does the story answer all the questions? You must know everything about every one and everything. Thank God for your perfection. So sorry I had to ask questions about the use of the park. I am sure the family is doing a great thing… too bad you cannot follow in their example and have compassion towards others. Some people like to know more about a situation before they get involved. Our company is one such an operation. Not only are we going to vote, but we would like to contribute financially. You must be doing the same since your reply was so full of emotion, of which was anger.

Will there be plans for any handicap accessibility for both players and viewers? I have a handicap son who loves to play baseball, but finding a field that will allow wheelchairs on them in next to impossible

To the very rude person, Please forgive me for asking,We would like to contribute, but did not know enough about the situation nor who we could contact as there is no formal contact person. Our company is very anxious to get involved but were uninformed. Since we are in the area, we are out of the loop.

To the person who took the time to answer the question, thank you. All out employees are eager to help out. Thanks,

All you need is a heart to get involved with a little common sense. A crooked mouth will get you know where

Then quit wasting our time with your cry baby addittude. Its not hard to get involved ….all you need is a heart and not a crooked mouth!

Do you realize that you can get information all over the internet about this? They have been doing this for over a year and hundreds if not thousands of ppl will turn their head and NOT make an effort to vote bc you had to flap your lips making this look like a unorginized effort. Don’t be calling ppl ruud when its you opening your mouth and puting ideas in ppl’s heads

we are not in the area, so no, we did not realize this was all over the internet. We are oversees. We asked questions,in an effort to learn more.No one said this was an unorganized effort, it is your attitude that is atrocious. Our heart is pure gold and will will help despite your attitude.

I encourage all to support this worthwhile cause. Last time, this project was beaten out by a group that wasted the money on homosexual advocacy. Let’s make sure that the money goes towards a real American and morally upright use.

What country were you raised in? The “real America” I was raised in pledges allegiance to its flag with the words “liberty and justice for all” Those, like you, who forget this are doomed to repeat the mistakes of Nazi Germany, Iraq, Iran and others who persecute some of their citizens who are not heterosexual and yet dare to claim their right as citizens. Wake up!

Dude, Hosomosexuality is a deviancy. Pepsi should be ashamed for supporting LGBT causes. Ashamed. Especially over a quality project like this one. As for you, shouldn’t you be trolling on a cooking or fashion blog instead of a baseball blog?

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