Fielder wants to ‘go out with a blast’

I just love the lead of this story on

Brewers star and free-agent-to-be Prince Fielder said in an exclusive interview with TBS that this is “probably the last year” that he will play in Milwaukee.

My initial response: Yeah, that’s how free agency works.

Fielder’s comments fall squarely into the “nothing new” category, but like the Francisco Rodriguez flap they are sure to cause a stir in Milwaukee, where fans remain hopeful that Fielder might re-sign despite all of the evidence to the contrary. The sides discussed an extension during 2010 Spring Training but never made progress, and decided before the start of 2011, Fielder’s final season under club control, to focus on winning baseball games and leave business matters for the winter.

For the most part, both sides have stuck to that plan. The TBS interview, conducted by Brewers television play-by-play man Brian Anderson, counts as an exception.

“I’m signed for this year, but being real about it, it is probably the last year,” Fielder said in an interview that airs at noon CT on Sunday on TBS MLB on Deck.

Talking about teammate Ryan Braun, Fielder said, “It’s been great, unfortunately, this is probably the last year of the one-two punch. … But I think it’s been good, [five] years, him and me. Hopefully, we can go out with a blast.”

Braun was asked about Fielder’s future, too.

“This game we play is a job, it’s a profession,” Braun said. “Sometimes I think we lose sight of that, which is a good thing. But there’s always a business side. Everybody has to do what is in their best interest. The best interest of their family. Guys earn a right to become free agents. You never know what’s going to happen when you get there.

“But for him, I couldn’t see why every team in baseball wouldn’t want him on their team. Certainly, he will get some huge offers in the offseason. So for us right now, we are just trying to enjoy while we’re together, enjoy the fact that he’s still a member of the Milwaukee Brewers and accomplish as much as we can this year.”


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I honestly might cry. I never cry, especially about sports. But Prince leaving the Brewers would be that big of a deal to me. It’s been a great time in MIlwaukee for you. Just don’t go to the Cubs or Yankees.

Losing Fielder’s bat is one thing, but who’s going to actually pitch to Braun w/o Fielder behind him?

This is what truly scares me

Boo!! I wish this world didn’t revolve around money. Isn’t he making enough money with whatever we offer him? The rest of us “Average Joe’s should be so lucky. Heart and soul would stay with the best team, the team that makes him smile everyday. Kudos to you Brauny for staying with the Brewers, when you could have definitely signed elsewhere for more money. Prince, we will miss you more than you’ll ever know.

It’s going to be interesting. Most teams who can afford what he’s probably going to be asking are already set at 1st. Does anyone in the AL really drop 20 mil on a DH?

yes… they go by names like “yankees” and “red sox” and have no concerns about shelling out millions in their efforts to buy another championship. i used to love the red sox, but they essentially have become the team they hate so much. i cannot support teams like new york, philadelphia, and boston who are shelling out between $160 million and $200 million, while teams like milwaukee, arizona, and even atlanta, are paying half that or less and fielding successful teams.

the AL is essentially a battle of the budgets. at least in the NL, teams are finding success by developing players and winning with them before they become free agents and sign with the big-money teams.

at least, that’s the impression i get. maybe i’m wrong.

I agree with you a 100 percent. Baseball is really becoming a joke and not even a sport. Yankers,red sox and philly take the fun out of it even st Louis. They need a salary cap so the little guys get a chance to build a successful team.

Would love to see Salary caps. Dislike the Yankees so much, simply because they are a $$$ team. Would hate to lose Fielder. Happy that Braun is here to stay. I became addicted to baseball in the 50’s when the Braves came to Milw. Watched Aaron, Matthews, Spahy, Adcock etc. – then Molitar, Young and Gantner etc. Yup, I’m an old Granny but Love my baseball. GO BREWERS!

Whoops – Warren Spahn, sorry.

AND Yount. Boy, showing my typing/age.

What ever you do prince your an a$$ you truly are you and rickie grew up together and braun you guys are best friends!! Isn’t 100mil good enough???

Prince can go….to hell. For once it would be nice to not be about the big money…

This is a hell of a time for this all to come up. We haven’t had any offense for the last 9 games and have managed to lose half of our division lead. We need to focus on goal of first getting to the playoffs and then hopefully winning the world series. Instead we are talking about players leaving and being unhappy. We all know this is likely fielders last year, why bring it up with two weeks left in the season? And to Rodriguez what would you do if you were in the Brewers position? Axford is 19 for 19 since you showed up. This team doesn’t have time for whining about stats. Bring it up at the end of the year after you have a ring and have written your ticket anywhere. Go Brewers!

jesus you people are crazy.

Why is everyone so sad about Fielder leaving…. he won’t ever have another 40 or 50 homerun season with the Brewers. We have Gamel and Green in the Minors who have been waiting to prove themselves. Let Prince go, cut McGehee… use the extra money to make the pitching staff even better and get a better SS!!!!!!!! Pitching and defense wins championships!

Look at the Phillies their offense has been up and down all season but their pitching was consistently great all season!

Why is everyone so sad about Fielder leaving…. he won’t ever have another 40 or 50 homerun season with the Brewers. We have Gamel and Green in the Minors who have been waiting to prove themselves. Let Prince go, cut McGehee… use the extra money to make the pitching staff even better and get a better SS!!!!!!!! Pitching and defense wins championships!

Look at the Phillies their offense has been up and down all season but their pitching was consistently great all season!

feilder i hope heads out of town! he is a selfish player with a bad glove! where has he been since the allstar break? mvp of the game to pad his new contract is what that was! if he played like that all year we might have a 20 game lead! He bombed against philly, st louis, and every other good team we played this year! do people watch the games? I do and he sucks! lets sign niger morgan, he comes up clutch non stop when we need a hit! lead off niger next year, bat magee second, then braun, and hart clean up! cory hart could also play first! ship that gloveless feilder out of town! gomez also needs to follow, he cant hit! we got a shit ton of talent on this team if they used it right!

In the run for a playoff spot, this IS NOT a time Fielder should be talking about anything but what is happening right now. C’mon team, let’s FOCUS and STAY FOCUSED.

Why is everyone getting so emotional over this? I love my baseball too, but after being at the game last night and watching this team just absolutely fall apart, it’s better that Prince leaves. Baseball is a business. Let’s use the money for more pitching and I agree to try and trade Casey McGehee if anyone wants him after his down year. I cannot understand why Ron R. still continues to let him start. Two men on base and here comes Casey McGehee and strikes out usually looking. When will Ron R. get it? It’s not looking good right now for the post season.

lol, people are so delusional. Yes it sucks that players are going to go where the most money is. It’s been that way for a long time now. If you knew anything about this sport, you would know that money doesn’t buy championships. Yanks have 1 title in the last 10 yrs……….

Some players do very well with new teams, some players are just mediocre, while other players fail miserably. I hope that Fielder takes that into consideration if he decides to leave for what will definitely be a great contract. He knows that he is a huge fan favorite in Milwaukee where the organization and the people of Milwaukee love him. I understand that BB is a business, but if you have got a decent contract and fan support your ahead of the game, at least in my view…………….

Let Prince go.. Lance Berkman is a FA and can man first base.. Get rid of casey McGOOO, and put Green at 3rd.. Resign T-plush as he is an everyday spark… Hart batting 1st, Morgan, Berkman(switch hitter), Braun, Weeks, Green,Lucroy, and our SS batting 8th.. Sounds like something good to me… Use the money we save on Prince for another lights out starter, or a good SS.. Maybe pick up Michael Young he is old but can still field and hit the crap out of the ball..

I just stumbled upon your site after seieng a wedding picture of Tara Schweitzer. Beautiful stuff! This session in particular, I fell in total love with the picture of them on the bike with her on the handlebars, and then the vintage one of the kiss while holding the wedding date card prop!! Love love love!

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