‘Irritated’ K-Rod stands by comments

Brewers reliever Francisco Rodriguez did not back down Wednesday from comments indicating that he is dissatisfied with his role as the club’s setup man.

Rodriguez says he was promised by Milwaukee officials that he would share closing duties with incumbent Brewers closer John Axford. But Axford is 19-for-19 in save opportunities since the Brewers acquired Rodriguez from the Mets on the night of the All-Star Game, and as of Wednesday afternoon, Rodriguez was still waiting his turn.

He expressed displeasure about that fact to CBS Sportsline’s Scott Miller on Tuesday. Rodriguez reiterated his displeasure on Wednesday.

“There’s been plenty of save opportunities,” he said. “And I’ve only pitched once in the ninth inning, and it was not even a save opportunity. I’m not happy. It’s simple.That’s the bottom line. They told me one thing, they haven’t done it, and that’s pretty much what I said. I stand by what I said.

“I’m not lying, I’m not creating something out of nowhere. I’m just stating the facts. That’s something I should not be discussing with any of you guys. That’s something I should be discussing with the manager in his office.”

Rodriguez had not done that. Brewers manager Ron Roenicke, whose relationship with Rodriguez dates back to 2002 with the Angels, said a chat was in order.

Rodriguez made clear that his top priority is helping the Brewers win the National League Central, and Roenicke said he’s confident the issue will not grow into a distraction. Still, it’s an issue.

“Don’t tell me something if you’re not going to do it,” Rodriguez said. “That’s what irritates me most. They told me they were going to do something, and they didn’t. Simple as that. I’m trying to pretty much come in every day ready to pitch and get my job done where they need me. At the same time, I had an expectation, like every other player. They told me they were going to do something and never did it. That’s why I can be a little disappointed by the situation.

“But, the season is over in two weeks, and we need to win eight more games. So, I’ll go as hard as I can these next two series coming up, and try to wrap them up. That’s the most important thing.”

Rodriguez will be a free agent at season’s end if the Brewers decline his $17.5 million option for 2012. The club would owe Rodriguez a $4 million buyout.


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I understand where he is coming from, but its a ridiculous time to bring it up. Axford is close to the team season save record, is on fire, and the season is coming to an end….save it for after the world series.

K-Rod – do your job and you’ll get paid next year by someone else. Bitching about it now is a dick move on many levels.

Worthless. He doesn’t deserve the opportunity he’s been given. If I’m the Brewers, his ass is gone the second they get bounced this year.

“That’s something I should not be discussing with any of you guys. That’s something I should be discussing with the manager in his office.” ~ ummm then stop talking to ‘any of you guys’ and go talk to the manager.

That was my thought exactly! What a great time to bring this up especially when everyone is struggling right now. Great for morale!

K-Rod…WHY???? Why do this now? Why drag internal issues thru the media circuit? These ill-timed comments only show that you’re a selfish, immature, and “me-first” teammate. Now you get to sit and sulk in the bullpen while the rest of your bullpen mates wonder what you’ll say next to sabotage the season.

K-Rod would not be sitting in MY bullpen with that attitude. He’d be on my payroll, but would be watching from the comfort of his own living room.

PLEASE, Mr Rodriguez, go pitch for the Cardinals next year. We will figure out how to get through nice innings with the guys who ARE team-oriented.

Krod has blown 3 saves just since he has been with the Brewers, so he has not taken advantage of the chances he has been given, yet he expects more.
I will agree that Mel and RR did make it sound like they were going to split the closer role when they should have just said ‘John Axford is our closer. He has been one of the best closers in baseball the past 2 years. Krod will fill in where needed.’

You’re a rental player…….acting like a bitch, on a playoff team, in the last 3 weeks isn’t going to do you any favors in free agency. Suck it up, do your job, and move on next year.

HEY……would you rather be wasting your time with the Mets Or working towards a World Series,,,,,, SHUT UP AND DO YOUR JOB AND YOU WILL BE REWARDED

Shut up and pitch!!

and the media in the past and sometimes present (ESPN) (FSN excluded) portrays t-plush as winer/bad clubhouse guy/uber-selfish player…wow k-rod,if you were a yankee, espn/abc would have made you out to be a baby rapist. k-rod, dont you realize you could still be a MET?

I say put him on the bench for the rest of the year including playoffs. You don’t want to be our setup man? Ok then don’t! I would have no issue with this if he just waited til the seasons over…K-Rod: Axford is a better closer than you! Grow up!

Dude makes 75k per game to 2k per game for Axford. And Axford has been the better pitcher all year. He needs to take the ball when it’s given to him and STFU. Someone will overpay for him next year and he can quit being “irritated”.

I personally would rather see krod start a game instead of marcum. forget about the closing position and get him into the starting role. marcum leaves a bad taste in my mouth with his horrible pitching. I give krod credit for wanting to be out playing rather than sitting on the bench.

Gee K-Rod….. I’ll bet you’re still cashing your paycheck. It is a job afterall. You should be thankful you were traded to a team in playoff contention instead of still playing for the Mets.

He should be thankful he’s even in the league!!! About a year ago he punched out his girlfriend’s father in a stadium tunnel and in the process tore a ligament in the thumb of his pitching hand and underwent season-ending surgery. After a guilty plea, he was orderred to undergo 52 weeks of anger management classes. I guess the classes are working…at least he didn’t punch out Roenicke!!

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