Brewers inch closer to goal

Yes, the Brewers are scoreboard watching and yes, they are eager to wrap-up the National League Central. I know because one of my media colleagues asked manager Ron Roenicke.

“You’re asking if I’m anxious to clinch the division?” Roenicke responded with a chuckle. “Yes.”

A 5-1 win over the Cubs pushed the Brewers one step closer. But as they answered questions about the win, with the magic number at 3 and the Cardinals-Mets game still ongoing, the operative outlook was calm.

“It’s still a fun, easygoing clubhouse,” said bundle-of-energy Nyjer Morgan. “We’re just worried about what we can take care of that day. Obviously, we know what’s going on.”

They knew because the Cardinals-Mets game was on in the clubhouse. Morgan even rattled off the score in what eventually became an 11-6 Cardinals win. It means the earliest the Brewers can clinch the division is Thursday, an off-day in Milwaukee, when the Cards and Mets play their series finale.

“We’re not worried about that,” Morgan said. “We know [the Cardinals] are hot over there, but we can only worry about what the Brew Crew is doing.”

Said Roenicke: “We want to go out there to play to win right away. We’re certainly not going to save anything. That just sets up things better in the end, and plus, I just like staying on a nice roll.”


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Just “watched” on (the sometimes agonizingly slow Gameday) the Mets score six runs in the top of the ninth to beat the Cardinals 8-6. (Ron, forget I said this) Magic Number: TWO!

St. Louis had 6-1 lead going into the eighth … so this one’s got “lingering pain” written all over it. The Crew can just take care of business, to be sure, but here’s hoping the Cubs slam the Cards into the dust and the celebration erupts tomorrow night.

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