Fielder will play all 162

The Brewers were still in a holding pattern after beating the Pirates on Tuesday, and every TV in the clubhouse was tuned to Dodgers-Dbacks. The outcome would dictate how the Brewers use starter Zack Greinke in Wednesday’s regular-season finale, which in turn would dictate whether Greinke would pitch Game 2 of Game 3 in the NLDS.

One thing was sure: Prince Fielder will be in Wednesday’s lineup. He will become the second player in Brewers history to play all 162 games twice in his career.

“I’m playing,” Fielder said. “I play.”

He played all 162 games in 2009, and would have again in 2010 if not for a nasty illness in September that necessitated two bags of intravenous fluid.

“It’s just special man,” he said. “It’s a good year and you never know when you might have this chance again. I’m trying to take advantage of it. … No. 1, I just like playing. I don’t like sitting on the bench at all. A couple of times my rookie year, I didn’t have a choice, so I always said, if I have a chance to play every day, I’m going to do it.”

This goes against what Fielder told an FS Wisconsin reporter amid the Brewers’ clinch celebration on Friday night. He predicted he would take Saturday off. He did not.

“It didn’t feel right,” Fielder said with a laugh. “I thought about it, it sounded great, but it just didn’t feel right. Plus, my wife was like, ‘You need to play.’ She was pumping me up.”

On home field: “That’s very important,” Fielder said. “Not that we can’t do it on the road, by any means, but everybody knows we play a lot better at home. It’s good to have the fans behind you. They get your confidence a little [up]; you can get a little ‘swag’ before you have to go on the road.”


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