Ticket story a big misunderstanding

Brewers director of team travel Dan Larrea said the issue of family tickets at Busch Stadium was “much ado about nothing,” a misunderstanding among Brewers players that blew-up into an ESPN.com story on Wednesday that charged the Cardinals of gamesmanship.

Some Brewers players believed their immediate families were to be scattered around Busch Stadium, but that was not the case. Instead, the Cardinals gave the Brewers use of three large party suites along the first-base line, complete with food and beverage.

Confusion arose because the policy was different in the regular season, when family members sat in two sections in the ballpark’s 100 level behind home plate.

“It just did not mirror what we had in the regular season,” Larrea said. “I think the families will be satisfied with what they receive. Speaking with the wives, they had no issue with the seating situation here.”

The Cardinals also provided seats to Brewers staff members who made the trip from Milwaukee, separate from the family tickets.

All of the players’ wives, children and other immediate family members were able to fit in the suites. The Cardinals also provided some 100 level seats for Brewers’ family members who chose instead to sit in the main seating bowl. The majority of those tickets went unused, Larrea said, and were returned.

At Miller Park, the Brewers provided a block of seats behind home plate for players’ families. Those tickets have already been distributed for potential Games 6 and 7, Larrea said.


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Het is hoogst onwaarschijnlijk dat males bij toeval de juiste inlogcode vindt en ondenkbaar dat je dan ook nog toegang verleend wordt omdat de aanvraag anderzijds niet wordt beantwoord.

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