Hamilton happy for Narron

Colleague T.R. Sullivan just passed along some comments from Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, who wished new Brewers hitting coach Johnny Narron “great success” in his new job. Narron spent the past five seasons as a mentor to Hamilton, who mounted a successful comeback from dug addiction to become one of baseball’s best hitters.

“Johnny is very talented and has helped me tremendously, both personally and professionally,” Hamilton said. “He is fulfilling a dream to be a Major League batting coach and I have told him previously I would never stand in his way from doing that. We will stay in touch and I wish him great success with the Brewers.”

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels reached out to Hamilton last week when the Brewers asked permission to interview Narron, and the two will continue to talk about the best way to move forward.

Here’s what Narron had to say about his relationship with Hamilton.

“I’ve been with him every step of the way over the last five years, and I love Josh and he loves me,” Narron said. “We both have benefited personally and professionally from our relationship together, and I have spoken with Josh several times over the past couple of days, from the point Texas granted permission for Milwaukee to talk to me to the point I accepted the job [on Sunday] and Josh is very excited for me. Josh respects me as a person and a hitting coach, and I think Josh was very much in favor of taking this opportunity if it ever came along.”

Narron figured they would remain in touch.

“I have nothing but love for Josh and I wish him all the success in the world,” Narron said. “It’s bittersweet in a way, as much as we’ve been together and as much as we’ve gone through. I think he realized that this point could probably come, and I think Josh is at the point now, with his resources and the the support system that will remain in place, that he’ll be fine. He knows that any time he needs to talk to me, I’m always here for him.”


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