Boras touts Prince Fielder

Agent Scott Boras just addressed a crowd of reporters in Dallas and spoke of a number of teams having a “wide variety” of interest in free agent first baseman Prince Fielder. He continued to bill the 27-year-old as an option for contenders and building teams.

“I’m going to be leaving here and going to meet with Prince about the varying opportunities for him and then we’ll sit down and begin the process of letting teams know what direction he wants to take. He’ll kind of prioritize for me.”

He downplayed the seemingly slow market for Fielder, citing the number of new general managers (six, plus the Astros, who have an interim GM) and the idea that teams “want to be thorough, want to be calculated about what they do.”

“When you’re talking about franchise commitments, they have to report to ownership as result of our meetings and get back with me on that. This is a negotiation that is really one of its own because he’s 27 years old. He has a different place in the market, and the demands on his services are broader because you have teams that are not as playoff-ready that are interested [and] you have clubs that are veteran that are interested. You have a whole variety of teams that are involved.”

Of the Brewers, Boras said: “They’re a part of the process. That’s the team he played for, and it’s a welcome city for him. He’s had great success there, he enjoys his teammates, so certainly it’s a consideration. … From the ownership level on down, they know what Prince means to the franchise.”

Here’s a link to what Brewers GM Doug Melvin said earlier about Fielder.


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