Brewers could move fast at shortstop

Brewers general manager Doug Melvin said the Brewers still have the payroll flexibility to fill their various needs, even with Francisco Rodriguez locked into a big salary after he accepted arbitration Wednesday night. The first order of business: Sign a shortstop.

“We hope early next week there’s a chance we may be able to zero in,” Melvin said.

The Brewers have been looking at three regular shortstops: Yuniesky Betancourt, Alex Gonzalez and Rafael Furcal. Betancourt, who played 154 games for the Brewers in 2011, and Gonzalez could be had for one-year deals. Furcal wants two years and would cost more.

Melvin also would not completely rule out remaining in contact with free agent third baseman Aramis Ramirez, who wants three years and could command a salary in the neighborhood of $15 million a year. If Rodriguez remains — and that remains a question, because the Brewers could always trade him to a team looking for a one-year closer — then signing Ramirez would force the team to go beyond it’s original budget plan.

Anybody who remains a free agent is a possibility, Melvin insisted.

“We’re OK,” Melvin said. “I talked to Mark [Attanasio, Milwaukee’s principal owner].”


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Atlanta is looking for a power hitting outfielder in exchange for Jair Jurrjens and have been shopping Martin Prado. What do you think of a trade of Corey Hart and Shawn Marcum for Jurrjens and Prado?

I think Atlanta wouldn’t do it, Don.

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