Ramirez looking forward to climate control

Aramis Ramirez will not miss those freezing April and May days at Wrigley Field. Not even a little bit.

The longtime Cubs third baseman signed a free agent deal in December with the Brewers, who play their early-season home games under the dome at Miller Park. Ramirez figures the climate control will help boost his production, which the Brewers are counting on given the departure of Prince Fielder and the potential absence of Ryan Braun.

“Chicago is tough to play early in the season,” Ramirez said. “It’s real cold, the wind blowing. Here, we don’t have to worry about that. I’m from the Dominican, from an island, so I don’t really like cold weather.”

In parts of 14 seasons with the Pirates and Cubs, Ramirez is a .261 hitter with 40 home runs in March/April and a .271 hitter with 38 home runs in May, significantly lower than any of the season’s other months.

His attendance at Brewers On Deck is marking Ramirez’s first significant interaction with Milwaukee fans and his new teammates. Ramirez attended the Bucks-Lakers game at the Bradley Center with some fellow Brewers on Saturday night.

“I’m new here, so I have to build a rapport with the guys,” Ramirez said. “It was nice, just to hang out with a couple guys. … I’m going to do my best just to fit in.”


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No way would he have been out. Furcal wasn’t even going to throw the ball to home until he saw Braun on the ground. Braun took it with good grace, cnliatery. It’s just that those guys don’t run all four bases full speed flat out very often, so the trip-up wasn’t all that bizarre.The rest of the next inning was, though. After Braun’s thrown out (for the last out, btw–it was a two-out rally), Wolf hits the next two Cardinals. Yadier Molina hits one to the base of the wall but only gets a single after poor baserunning by David Freese. (Molina had to scramble to beat Fielder back to first base.) Theriot hit a ground ball to third for what should have been a home-to-first double play if the catcher could have gotten the ball out of his glove. And then the guy who saves the day for the Cardinals is the pitcher Jake Westbrook who pops a grand slam for his first home run in his ten-year career.I’ve been a Cardinals baseball fan for almost 30 years, and I’ve never seen anything like that inning. Baseball still surprises.

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