Tony Powerplay to take the ice

Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan needs another new alter ego.

Tony Powerplay.

Igor Plushski.

You can bet that Morgan — a.k.a. Tony Plush and a myriad of other monikers — will come up with something good when he returns to his sporting roots this week. Morgan is set to skate with his hometown San Jose Sharks during their Wednesday afternoon practice.

Morgan is a Bay Area native who grew up playing hockey and remains an avid fan. But he gave up on the sport about a decade ago to focus on baseball, a choice took Morgan and his many alter egos all the way to the Major Leagues and a spot in Brewers history after delivering the hit that propelled Milwaukee to last year’s National League Championship Series.

He’s already re-signed for 2012, but Brewers position players don’t have their first Spring Training workout until Feb. 25. That gives him a chance to test his legs on the ice.

“I’m really excited to get on the ice with the team,” Morgan told the Sharks’ website. “I’ve been a diehard fan since the team came to San Jose in 1991. I will never forget the George Kingston and Patty Falloon days. I’m not sure the guys are ready for me!”


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