No progress with Veras

By reaching a last minute deal with Shaun Marcum today, the Brewers continued their streak of going right to the wire with an arbitration case. Last year, they settled with Marcum deep into the night before a hearing. The year before that, they went all the way to a hearing against Corey Hart (who won his case), and in 2009 they settled with Hart the night before.

“It’s part of the process, and you can’t read into the timing in a lot of these deals,” club negotiator Teddy Werner said. “Sometimes, you have to come down and meet face to face.”

Werner expects that to be the case again with the club’s lone remaining arbitration-eligible player, reliever Jose Veras. Despite a relatively small gap — Veras is seeking $2.375 million in arbitration and the Brewers offered $2 million — Werner said there had been little progress toward a settlement with agent Bryce Dixon on a deal.

Werner could not reveal the date of Veras’ hearing in St. Petersburg, Fla., but said he was scheduled to return home to Milwaukee on Friday night. That’s a sign the hearing is later in the month but before pitchers and catchers report to Maryvale Baseball Park on Feb. 18.

“At the very least, I expect a return trip down there [to St. Petersburg],” Werner said.


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