Veras, Brewers go to arbitration hearing

The Brewers took their arbitration case against Jose Veras all the way to the hearing room, according to the Associated Press.

Veras, acquired from Pittsburgh in December for third baseman Casey McGehee, wanted $2,375 million, and the Brewers offers $2 million. He made $1.35 million last season with the Pirates.

Brewers chief negotiator Teddy Werner had said in recent weeks that the team and Veras’ agent, Bryce Dixson, had made little progress toward a settlement despite the relatively small $375,000 gap between filing figures.

Veras is only the second Brewers player to take the Brewers to an arbitration hearing in the last 14 years. Outfielder Corey Hart won his case against the team in 2010.

According to the AP, arbitrators  Dan Brent, Marlene Gold and John Sands will render their ruling on Tuesday. They must choose either Veras’ salary request or the Brewers’ offer, with no middle ground.

Veras is the Brewers’ only remaining arbitration-eligible player who is unsigned.


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