Braun addresses Brewers teammates

Ryan Braun reported to Maryvale Baseball Park just after 9:30 a.m. MT on Friday, a day after he was cleared of a 50-game suspension. Manager Ron Roenicke and Brewers coaches vacated the clubhouse a few minutes later so Braun could address his teammates.

“With the outcome of it, I don’t really think he needed to explain anything, but he wanted to, and I think the players probably appreciated that he did,” Roencike said. “I thought it was great that he did.”

Asked what the decision means for the team, Roenicke said, “We’re a lot better. That’s what it comes down to. This is not just a great player, but this is a guy we need in our clubhouse and in our locker room.”

Roenicke said he’d already spoken with Braun about the season ahead, which is sure to include some challenges as the Brewers travel around the country. Multiple reports have said Braun won his appeal by challenging the testing procedure itself, prompting a separate debate in the wake of the ruling about the degree of Braun’s innocence.

Braun was scheduled to address reporters at 11 a.m. MT.

“This is a very confident guy … and if you put pressure on him, I think it helps him,” Roenicke said. “Sometimes that added incentive really pumps a guy up, and sometimes it gives him pressure. I don’t think Ryan feels more pressure in those situations, which is huge when you come off the season he had, for one, and then all the controversy this offseason. For him, I think it motivates him.”

Roenicke argued that despite winning his appeal, Braun paid a price this winter.

“Coming off a great season with the team and what we accomplished, being the MVP, this probably should have been his best offseason ever,” Roenicke said. “And it wasn’t.”


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I just heard Ryan Braun speak live on the MLB Network. I have believed and supported Ryan throughout this process. I watched the October 1, 2011 game on TV and I sat in left field, close to Ryan at the October 2, 2011 game. I aslo sat near him at games during the regular season. Ryan has been the same Ryan throughout the 2011 season and since his arrival in Milwaukee in 2007. He wa the same, intelligent, hard-working, determined young athlete who was doing the best that he could to help the Brewers progress through the payoffs. Ryan has only been a positve role model for major league baseball, the Brewers organization, and for Brewers fans everywhere, including me from 3 hours away in Mishawaka, IN.

I am sorry that this whole mess was leaked to the press and I am very disappointed in MLB for still trying to make Ryan seem guilty by calling this exoneration of Ryan a technicality. Shame on MLB for this.

Ryan, I hope 2012 is your best year yet. I know I”ll be wearing my number 8 jersey this weekend. I will continue to speak out on Ryan’s behalf and I can’t wait to say “I told you so” to the naysayers who kept telling me that no one would ever win this appeal. I felt in my heart that Ryan would be found innocent becasue he was indeed innocent in this matter. Best Wishes to Ryan, the Brewers, and to Brewers fans everywhere!

It’s a travesty that MLB didn’t look into why it took the collector 44 hours to get the sample to FedX. How does the MLB know for certain that he put the sample in his refrigerator? I’d be checking that collectors bank records to see if they suddenly had an influx of money that can’t be accounted for. None the less, The second travisty which I would file a lawsuit against MLB, is the fact that the test was leaked to the press. Did they ever hear of HIPPA?? Apparently they have NO problem trashing Ryan’s reputation. How about looking into the conduct of the person whom collected the sample? Why isn’t their name in the collector all over the place in the press, as Ryan’s was when the story broke? MLB has a double standard that they need to correct or.
All the best to Ryan and I hope your able to put this behind you and the majority of the fans will place the blame where it belongs. Right on the shoulders of the Executives of MLB.

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