Greinke talks about scouting trip

The best part of Zack Greinke’s recent scouting assignment, he said, was that Craig Counsell stole all the attention.

Greinke and Counsell attended Friday’s Arizona State University baseball game to get a look at right-hander Brady Rodgers, a prospect in the upcoming First-Year Player Draft. Counsell, of course, is a fan-favorite in these parts, and he was approached all night by well-wishers. Greinke flew under the radar.

“Everyone was talking to him,” Greinke said with a smile, “and no one was talking to me.”

That’s how he likes it. Greinke said he used to attend high school games to watch young talent, but the fame associated with his sensational 2009 season has made that more difficult. Last year, he surprised some Brewers official by asking for video of all of the top pitching prospects, and said he was extremely impressed by some of the “amazing” pitchers that were selected in the First-Year Player Draft before the Brewers had their first chance at No. 12.

“I like watching some of the young guys,” he said. “I try to get my own thoughts on it, and then I’ll try to remember three or four years down the line if I dod a good job or if not. It’s just more fun for me than anything to take too seriously.”

He said he’d keep his assessment of Rodgers to himself. Greinke will probably accept Doug Melvin’s offer to sit in on some of the Brewers’ Draft preparation.


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