Axford: No rush in contract talks

Brewers closer John Axford agreed with the characterization of a Sunday meeting between his agent and the team as “a conversation,” and said there’s no need for either side to rush toward a contract extension.

“If conversations keep going [into the regular season], then they keep going,” Axford said. “I’m not going to be bothered by it.”

Axford, 29 on April 1 and coming off a club-record 46 saves, is already signed for 2012. He will be arbitration-eligible after the season as a Super 2 player, and thus is Brewers property through the end of 2016. But the Brewers and Axford’s agent, Dan Horwits of the Beverly Hills Sports Council, are engaged in conversations about a long-term deal that would give the club cost-certainty and Axford a lifetime of financial security.

The Brewers have struck similar deals in the past, sometimes buying out at least one year of free agency. In Axford’s case, that would require at least a five-year commitment.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Sunday that Horwits had met in person with Brewers assistant general manager Gord Ash. Axford said Horwits would probably remain in Phoenix for most of the remainder of Spring Training, further reason, Axford said, not to rush talks.

Axford has other things on his mind. His wife, Nicole, is to have the couple’s second child in June. They have decided to name him Jameson, Axford said, a nod to Nicole’s grandfather, James.


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