Clubbies mourn loss of friend

Brewers starter Ben Sheets tried to match Mike Moulder's beard in 2003.

Longtime Brewers staffers have been working with a heavy heart after Mike Moulder, a fixture in the clubhouse during the team’s first six seasons at Miller Park, passed away suddenly last week of a heart attack.

Moulder was Tony Migliaccio’s assistant in the Brewers clubhouse from 2001-06 before going home to Cleveland to work for the Indians. Most recently, he was also the umpires’ room assistant at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, and in some instances Moulder would work a day game in Cleveland, hustle to Pittsburgh for a night game, then be back in Cleveland the next day.

Brewers clubhouse veterans Phil Rozewicz and Jason Shawger attended a memorial service for Moulder in Cleveland on Friday, logging about 7,000 air miles during a frantic two days. They felt it was important to attend, even though they had to be back at work before 5 a.m. MT on Saturday.

“He was a great friend to us,” said Rozewicz, who is going into his 14th season managing the visiting clubhouse in Milwaukee.

“Think about it,” said Shawger, who works on the home side. “I spend more time with Phil over the next six months than I do with my own family.”

Moulder was family to Rozewicz and Shawger, part of the fraternity of clubhouse workers who log truly insane hours to keep things running smoothly for players and coaches.

He was a kind, hard-working, baseball-loving guy who helped me navigate the clubhouse when I was a rookie with in 2001. Those of us who remember Moulder in Milwaukee offer our condolences to his family.


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My heartfelt thoughts and condolences go out to the Moulder Family. I know the loss of Mike was devastating to all who knew him. I send my deepest sympathies to you all. It will never be easy, the grief will never lessen, but eventaully you will realize Mike would want you to keep living and know he is there guiding those he loved and cared for in their times of need. I hope Mike’s family will not grieve his death but to celebrate the life and love he had for you all.

I have to thank Phil and Jason for attending Mikes wake on such short notice. Meeting Mikes long distance friends was my honor…I wished that I could take away ur pain as I would if i could …for our children…When I met Mike in 1980…I saw a giant of a man that I can say…had no flaws in my book. Tho…I must say his passion for baseball was extraordinary…I went home and read EVERY thing I could about the Indians, as well as the daily Sports page over and over til i “got it”…we spent the first 4-five years of our marriage …yes, making babies, and sitting on the floor of our first home with paper and pen…writing to EVERY MLB Team looking for any position for Mike….and if needed…I would have gone to the North Pole with Mike ..if that is where his beloved baseball took him….Life took a toll on our years…and we went our separate ways after 14 years. He returned to Cleveland in 06…divorced shortly thereafter…and spent the past 6 years being loyal to family, friends and baseball….I always said…”if u dont like Mike Moulder….what is wrong with u”…we shared the past 6 years blessed with hindsight, a little wisdom under our belts…and love and support for eachother and our children, now adults. My thanks and condolences for the love and respect u all shared with Mike, players and staff alike. What u saw is what u got with Mike…he was the same good man behind closed doors as he was to all. If I can be of any comfort, assistance, or share ANYTHING of Mikes or about Mike with his friends and coworkers…again, it would be my honor…I will do my best to continue to honor Mike in anyway i can and keep his spirit of lliving, his love of family and friends… and loving baseball alive. Most sincerely, Lisa Moulder

To My Favorite Former Bat Boy,

We first met in 1976 as teenagers. No one can take that away from us. I knew you first. I loved you then; I love you now. I’m sorry that things did not work out for us. I’m sorry for all of the hurt. But life had other plans for us. The four months we had were the best of our lives. You told me that I was your great love and you were mine. I will keep the love letter you wrote me to me and the 600 emails we sent to each other and the text messages and voice mails. I will never forget your couch. LOL Or the great cup of coffee you made. No one can hurt you now. I pray you are at peace. I have a part of you forever. I know you had a rough life at times but you were strong and survived. I love you.
Your loving, Shortstop

I just learned of our loss yesterday. It’s funny, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Mike, every once in a while hearing something he’d used to say or seeing things that reminded me of him. I worked for Mike as a bat boy in Oklahoma City. Mike thought me everything I know about running a clubhouse and thats why I was able to run one and put myself through college at the same time. I worked in baseball for 13 years, all because that man gave me a chance. We had some good times. We once took the teams equipment to Omaha together, being my first road trip, I had a blast. We met up anytime we could, he showed my about the Brewers Big League camp in Arizona in 2003 when I was down working the Rangers Spring that year. He was always rooting for me, he’d always ask about school and keep me encouraged. I wish I would have kept in better touch, calling more often, I guess you catch yourself take life for granted sometimes. Mike Moulder was a great man. I’m sorry I’m just finding out, I waiting too long to call this time and I’m sorry for that. I would have been there, no question. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike family, he will always be a part of my life that I’ll never forget. He will be missed.
Sincerely, Jonathan Wallace

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