Kintzler, Perez out of running for Opening Day bullpen

This has been pretty obvious for some time, but manager Ron Roenicke conceded this morning that right-hander Brandon Kintzler and left-hander Juan Perez won’t have time to get healthy enough for a spot in the Opening Day bullpen.

The good news is that Kintzler is finally throwing with a pain-free right elbow, and feels he’s past the mysterious ailment that derailed his Spring Training.  He reported to camp as a leading contender for an Opening Day roster spot.

“At least I’m not hurting,” he said. “I can show up every morning on one thing, and that’s throwing and getting better.”

With starter Shaun Marcum on track to begin the season in the rotation, it appears the Brewers have two bullpen openings. Candidates include left-handers Zach Braddock and Manny Parra and right-handers Tim Dillard and Mike McClendon. Parra and Dillard are out of options.

Perez, an early camp standout, suffered a partially collapsed lung earlier this month. Like Kintzler, Perez is making good progress in a throwing program, but will simply run out of time.


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Parra and Dillard start the year because they are out of options–whichever of them fails (Parra) will be released and then Braddock will come up. When Braddock freaks out or flames out sometime after the All Star break, demote him and bring in McClendon for the final stretch or seek a trade…


Para has been rock-solid coming out of the bullpen. Don’t believe me? Check his stats out of the pen. Dillard will make the team out of the gate, but I’d look for him to be DFA’d for Braddock at some point down the line. There’s ZERO chance they release Parra. If anything, it would be a trade. There’s just way too much talent there to just let go for nothing.

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