Hart: Personnel changes bettered Brewers clubhouse

Brewers right fielder Corey Hart made some interesting comments this morning to WSSP-AM’s Tim Allen and Ramie Makhlouf, who have been in camp for the past couple of days. They directed me to the audio on the website, and I thought Brewers fans may be intrigued by what Hart had to say.

The topic was the vibe in the Brewers’ clubhouse this spring compared to last season.

“Generally the same. I think we’re actually a little more positive this year,” Hart said. “We lost a few guys that could veer toward the negative vibe once in a while. The new guys, they’re super excited to actually be part of a positive team for once. Ramie [Aramis Ramirez0 and Gonzo [Alex Gonzalez] and even [Travis] Ishikawa, [Brooks] Conrad, those guys are amazed at how positive we are and how easy it is to get along with our team. …

“Even last year, we were an extremely positive team, but we had a few guys who aren’t here right now who kind of affected other guys. So it’s nice to have the guys we have and our coaching staff. They bring out the positive atmosphere. It’s been going good, and it’s going to be like that all year.”

Hart didn’t name which players or coaches he was talking about, and I’m not going to venture any guesses here.

Hart said much of the positive vibe comes from manager Ron Roenicke.

“Ron’s great. I think he got snubbed for manager of the year last year,” Hart said. “It’s really hard to be a first-year manager. I think it’s easier to be on a team with no expectations and do good, as opposed to a team that is supposed to be good and living up to that. I think he did a great job, and he was a big reason we were able to fight through that first month. We had some managers in the past who would have folded and been completely negative and started changing things around. [Roenicke] was completely positive the whole time, and that kept us going. Obviously, we got on a roll after that.”


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I cant help but guess a bit here…

Prince, Casey and Dale = negative Nancies?!

I have heard excerpts from players on the club talking about how incredibly positive Johnny Narron is… maybe that is a slight jab at the new Cubs skipper?

Bob: For what it’s worth, I doubt he’s talking about Sveum, and I have one guess in particular of who it might be, but it’s really kind of pointless to speculate since we aren’t ever going to know.

Such an imvpsesire answer! You’ve beaten us all with that!

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