Narveson will seek second opinion

Brewers left-hander Chris Narveson said he would seek a second opinion, but the likelihood is high that he needs surgery to repair a tear or tears to the rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder.

“It’s probably surgical, but he’ll get a second opinion and we’ll go from there,” assistant general manager Gord Ash said.

Surgery would probably shelve Narveson for the rest of the season, “but it’s hard to say before they do it, because as good as MRIs are, you don’t know the severity before you get in there,” Ash said.

Narveson spoke in very vague terms about his injury, citing “red flags on the MRI” he underwent this week, and said he’s keeping an open mind pending the second opinion. He will choose a physician to review films of his MRI.

“The prognosis was there were some issues going on with the rotator cuff,” he said. “We’ll get a second opinion to see what’s out there. We don’t know exactly the extent or what’s going to be on yet, but there might be some stuff going on with the rotator cuff. … Right now, we’re just trying to assess the situation and see where we go.”

Narveson said he felt sore the day after his last start, a loss in Atlanta. He could tell it was different from regular, post-start soreness.

“Knowing the difference, that’s big,” Narveson said. “I didn’t feel it before, and then after the start it was like, ‘Something’s not right. I’d better say something.’ We gave it a couple of days to see if it would feel better, and it just didn’t go that way.”

Asked whether he remained hopeful about avoiding a long-term stint on the DL, Narveson said, “You’re always hopeful. It all depends on the doctors. It’s all in their hands. Sometimes the outcome doesn’t look too good, but we’ll see.”

Narveson had right shoulder surgery in 2005 to fix what he called labrum “issues” in his shoulder. He also missed time in 2007, but that was for a strained muscle behind his left shoulder, not damage to the shoulder itself.


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What a great post, Ane! And thanks for snirahg her gifts via your blog, Hillary. I am feeling something leading me to learn more about HSP. Could I be one? We’ll see. I know for sure, I am going to share this post with a friend who is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis at 32 while going through a difficult divorce. I believe her disease is a direct result of her current life circumstances. I have a deep feeling this article and the first tip you offered, Ane, will speak to her on many levels. Thanks to both of you for your work in this world!

It’s really great that people are sharing this information.

It comes back to definitions, doesn’t it. If craft beer or craft brweer has any intrinsic meaning at all, it’s perfectly legit for people to claim the labels for themselves and their own beer it would be like me claiming to have written a book or played in a ceilidh band (I can show you pictures). If craft means recognised by the cool kids as being down with the cool kids , clearly there’s no point claiming it for yourself. But if that *is* what it means, what’s the point anyone using it as if it did mean something?I feel for people like James. Imagine you’re an architect specialising in timber-framed houses all the wood sourced from sustainable forests, natch. You’re ambling along getting some nice contracts and a pretty good name for yourself, when all of a sudden a bunch of young architects start getting rave reviews for their Green Architecture, featuring kapok cavity wall insulation, hemp curtains and bamboo window frames. I think you could be forgiven for pointing out that you were doing green architecture already, actually, and doing it without all the fuss and gimmickry.Unfortunately this would miss the point that it’s the fuss and gimmickry that sells and it sells because it signifies being down with the cool kids.

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